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Robot Steadies Itself Despite Applied Force
Robots – this is the realm of the new future, and we do look forward to see just what the world will be like eventually when more and more robots are activated and enter active service among us humans. Of course, it might eventually end up in a scenario that is not too far different from the one that we saw in I, Robot, but right now, the industry of […]

ASUS Transformer Prime delayed for Italy, might come preinstalled with Android 4.0
While the ASUS Transformer Prime is looking like it will be on track for a end of the year launch as far as US markets are concerned, it seems like our friends over in Italy will be seeing a delay. According to ASUS Italy’s Facebook page, the ASUS Transformer Prime for Italy will be seeing a delayed launched and will most likely be seeing a launch at the end of […]

Amazon Kindle Store now in Italy and Spain
Good news for folks in Italy and Spain who have been longing to get their hands on a Kindle eReader – Amazon has finally opened up its doors to the aforementioned countries just in time for the holiday season. Folks living in Italy and Spain will be able to pick up the Kindle eReader for €99 ($133). No word on whether they’ll be getting the Kindle Fire just yet though.The […]

Italian Wikipedia undergoes revamp with free speech protest
The Italian language pages on Wikipedia has been replaced with a statement which warns that a law that is now under consideration by the Italian parliament might just force the shutdown of the Italian version of Wikipedia, and to make sure that the English speaking world is aware of what is going on, a statement by Wikipedia (in English of course) says that the law includes “a requirement to all […]


Cedes Toothpaste Squeezer is made out of chrome
Let’s face it, opening a brand new tube of toothpaste is such a great feeling because you can squeeze gently or hard, but either way toothpaste comes out of the tube, but when you reach the end of the tube, that’s when all the squeezing and wringing will net you a sad little drop.

The i'mWatch runs on Android
Ever wished that all your devices were powered by the Android operating system? If you own an Android tablet and an Android smartphone, all that’s left for you to get is an Android watch! The folks over at Blue Sky Srl from Italy has decided to come up with an impressive “smartwatch” that runs on the Android operating system.

Google forced to filter autocomplete results in Italy
It looks like innovation isn’t always good for everyone. When autocomplete was first introduced to the Google Search Engine, it saved users a lot of time from entering commonly searched for terms. However, the most commonly searched for phrases aren’t necessarily the friendliest of results. Google was recently taken to court by Italy when the company refused to censor the autocomplete function on their search engine. Apparently when the name […]

AlessiTAB To Enter The Tablet Market
Whenever someone talks about the tablet device market now, Apple’s iPad is invariably mentioned, and with such a popular device in the market already, you’d think that most manufacturers would be scared to pit a new device against it. That being said, Italian kitchenware manufacturer Alessi obviously thinks that it’s up to the challenge, as it’s planning to bring the AlessiTAB to market come September. The tablet looks quite sleek, […]