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Latest Chrome Update Will Patch A Zero-Day Vulnerability
As much as updates are welcome as they bring about bug fixes and new features, sometimes an update can also be a negative thing as it leaves a software exposed to hackers and other security issues. Such is the case with Chrome 91 where a new patch has been issued that will deal with zero-day vulnerability.

Google Has Decided To Stop Messing About With Chrome’s URL Bar
Back in 2020, Google decided that they would stop showing the full website address inside the URL bar in Chrome. This means that instead of showing the full website address including the page name or folder name, you would only see the main name, like “” instead of “”.

How To Take Full Page Screenshots In Chrome
Want to take a screenshot of an entire article you’re reading on a website? Instead of taking multiple screenshots and trying to stitch them up yourself, here’s a trick that will help you take full page screenshots in Chrome in seconds.

Google To Bring More Protections To Chrome’s Enhanced Safe Browsing
Back in 2020, Google introduced a new security feature to Chrome called Enhanced Safe Browsing. This feature, when enabled, will tell you if sites and downloads are dangerous so you can avoid landing yourself in trouble and preventing your computer from potentially being breached or have malware installed on it.


Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla Will Work Together On Browser Extensions
When it comes to browser extensions, due to the fact that not all browsers are built using the same platform, it means that some extensions are available for some browsers while others are not. However, even the developers who do bother to create extensions for multiple types of browsers, updating it can be a hassle.

Google Chrome Update Puts News Articles Front And Center
Google has many ways of letting users discover the news, such as through its Discover feed, but it has never really felt particularly intrusive and users for the most part could always choose to ignore it.

Google Introduces New Experimental ‘Follow’ Feature For Chrome
It has been many, many years since Google Reader was killed off. While other RSS platforms like Feedly have since taken its place, if you’re hoping for something a bit more native like Google Reader back in the day, Google could be looking to oblige with a new experimental “Follow” feature in Chrome.

Google Chrome For Desktop Gets ‘Back-Forward Cache’ Feature
If you use Chrome on your mobile device, you might notice how when you go back and forth between pages it loads kind of instantly? This is because Chrome on mobile, specifically Android, has a feature called “back-forward cache” that basically keeps a page “alive” temporarily so that if you go back or go forward, it will load instantly instead of you having to wait.

Chrome Makes It Easier For You To Link To Specific Text In A Website
Some of you might have noticed that in the past few months, when you click on search results in Google, it takes you to a portion of the website where the text relevant to your search is highlighted. Google actually introduced that feature back in 2020, although for those who wanted to take advantage of it, you’d have to download and use an extension in Chrome.

Google Docs Users Run Into Layout And Formatting Issues With Ad Block Extensions
Browser extensions are incredibly useful and can improve the web browsing experience as a whole. However, sometimes some of these extensions can cause issues with our browsing, like pages not loading properly or not loading at all. Unfortunately for Google Docs and Sheets users, they are experiencing issues with ad blocker extensions.

How To Turn Notifications On Or Off In Chrome
Sometimes when you go to a website you might get prompted whether or not you want to turn on notifications. If you’d like to learn how to better manage your Chrome notifications, here’s how.

How To Group Tabs In Google Chrome
Did you know that in Google Chrome you have the ability to group your tabs together? If you didn’t know, then check out our guide on this awesome productivity hack!

Chrome Can Now Caption Any Video Or Audio
For those who don’t use Android or for those who use Android but were unaware, the platform comes with a pretty cool accessibility feature that pretty much captions videos and audio played on it. This is useful not only for those who have hearing impairments, but also useful if you don’t want sound coming from your phone.

Google Is On The Hook For Lawsuit Over Chrome’s Incognito Tracking
Google’s Chrome Incognito mode has been largely assumed by many to mean that while using the feature, you shouldn’t be able to be tracked, right? Unfortunately, it seems that the feature wasn’t as private as one would have liked which led to a class action lawsuit being filed against the company.

Google Chrome Testing Out New Scrolling Tabs Feature
If you use Google Chrome and tend to have a ton of tabs open at the same time, you’re probably aware that the more tabs you open, the smaller they get as Chrome tries to squeeze as many of them on your screen as possible. This is designed to make it easier for users to pick the tab they want.

Chrome For iOS Tests Touch ID And Face ID For Incognito Mode
The point of using incognito mode in a browser like Chrome is to not leave a trail of your internet activity on your phone or computer. However, it seems that Google is taking things one step further by testing out a new feature for Chrome on iOS that would protect incognito mode by adding an additional layer of security in the form of Touch ID or Face ID.

Apple Pulls iCloud 12 Update For Windows
Yesterday, we reported that after a premature announcement, Apple had finally released the latest version of iCloud for Windows. With this update, Apple brought its iCloud Keychain feature to Google Chrome where it could now be used as an extension of the browser to help users fill in passwords for logins that were previously saved in iCloud.

iCloud Passwords Chrome Extension Now Available
Last week, it was prematurely revealed that Apple was working on a Chrome extension for iCloud passwords. The good news is that if you were interested in checking it out, the extension has since been released and is available for download from Google’s Chrome Web Store where other extensions are usually available from.

NVIDIA’s GeForce Now Is Now Playable Through Chrome
If you’re looking to check out a game streaming service, one thing to consider is its availability. For those who are looking for a service that offers a wide array of choices when it comes to streaming, then NVIDIA’s GeForce Now might be worth your consideration, especially with the latest update to the service.

Apple Is Releasing An iCloud Password Manager Extension For Chrome
Apple has their own password manager in the form of iCloud keychain. This allows iOS and macOS users to store login credentials on their devices so that it can be used to fill in forms and log into apps. However, it is more or less exclusive to Apple’s products, but that is expected to change soon.