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Upcoming Google Chrome Update Could Prove To Be A Huge Battery Saver
While Google’s Chrome is a fantastic browser in terms of its features and tight integration with its various products and services, there is no denying that Chrome is guilty of being a resource hog in terms of memory consumption and also a drain on devices that runs on a battery, like laptops.

Apple Will Make It Easier To Port Chrome Extensions Over To Safari
If you’re someone who has bought into Apple’s ecosystem, you know how easy Apple makes it to sync across your devices. This is not a bad thing, save for Safari in which in terms of the number of extensions available for it, it simply isn’t quite on the same level compared to the likes of Google Chrome.

How To Connect Your Laptop To A TV
Need to connect a laptop to a TV? Maybe you want a bigger screen for watching movies, surfing the web, or making presentations, and here’s how you can do it.

Future Versions Of Chrome Will Be Less Of A Memory Hog
One of the main criticisms of Google’s Chrome browser is that it is a memory hog. While the browser is fantastic and the integration of your Google account makes it a breeze to use, it can be quite demanding in terms of memory which can affect users who are using less powerful computers with less RAM.


This Awesome Google Chrome Extension Lets You Create Links To Highlighted Text On A Page
A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Google had made some changes to its search tool where if you were to click on a link at the top of the search page with an excerpt, you would be taken to the page where the excerpt has been highlighted in yellow which will make it easier for you find what you were searching for to begin with.

Google Testing Hiding Website Addresses In Chrome’s URL Bar
Want to know that the website you’re currently visiting is the correct one? One way to check would be its URL, where if you’re visiting a website that proclaims to be your bank’s website but displays a different address, then you know something could be wrong. However, for some reason, Google wants to mess around with that notion.

Google Hit With $5 Billion Lawsuit Over Tracking Chrome Users In Incognito Mode
Google Chrome has an incognito mode in which it is designed to offer users a greater degree of privacy. However, back in 2018, it was discovered that Google’s incognito mode isn’t as private as one might think and that it actually tracks users to a certain degree by logging their activities. Google later made an update to correct that.

Chrome Will Soon Protect Users Against Resource-Hungry Ads
Not all ads were made equal. Some ads are simple images, while others include videos and animations. This means that in terms of resources, some ads might end up consuming more of a computer’s resources than others. If you don’t have a particularly powerful rig with a lot of spare RAM available, then you have probably come across websites that feel a bit laggier than others.

Chrome Users Will Soon Be Able To Group Tabs Together
If you’re someone who opens up a ton of tabs, sometimes keeping track of them can be a hassle. If you’re organized, you might push tabs that are similar in nature together, but even then, it can get easily lost and confused. The good news for Chrome users is that Google will be introducing tab grouping in an update next week.

Google Wants To Separate Chrome Updates From Chrome OS
With Google’s Chromebooks, updates to Chrome OS and the Chrome browser are tied together. This means that in order to get the latest version of Chrome, Google needs to issue a new update to Chrome OS. Given that Chromebooks do have a life expectancy, it means that eventually your Chromebook will expire, and along with that, your Chrome updates.

Microsoft Edge Is Now The Second Most Popular Browser In The World
Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was the butt of many jokes back in the day, but to Microsoft’s credit, they did improve on the browser over the years, although unfortunately, it never did quite manage to shake its poor reputation. This is why Microsoft introduced a new browser called Edge with Windows 10.

Microsoft Takes On Grammarly With Its New ‘Editor’ Browser Extension
If you do a lot of writing, then Grammarly might be a software you have heard of. For those unfamiliar, Grammarly is a piece of software that can check your grammar as you write, identifying problematic sentences and so on. This is helpful regardless of whether or not English is your native language.

Netflix Party Lets You Watch Shows With Your Friends While Practicing Social Distancing
Right now with more people practicing social distancing, it can be quite a lonely and isolating experience. However, this is necessary if we want to keep the coronavirus outbreak under control, and to prevent unnecessarily burdening our healthcare system, but there is good news for those who want to watch movies with their friends.

Google To Temporarily Pause Chrome And Chrome OS Updates
Updates are generally welcome since they usually introduce new features, improvements, and bug fixes. However, there have been times when updates actually cause more problems than they solve, and in more severe instances, have been known to cause software to stop working entirely and even brick devices.