Google Working On Dark Mode For Chrome, But Only For macOS

Dark mode is something that we’re starting to see more these days as options within apps and services. For example YouTube has a dark mode for both the desktop and mobile app, and now it looks like Google Chrome could soon be getting the same treatment. However the catch is that for now, it appears that dark mode for Chrome could be a macOS-only feature.

Microsoft Is Now Warning Users Against Using Third-Party Browsers

In a perfect world, those who use Windows would also use Microsoft’s bundled browser (such as Internet Explorer or Edge). However that isn’t necessarily the case as we’re seeing that there are many out there who prefer third-party alternatives such as Google’s Chrome or Mozilla’s Firefox.

Google Chrome 10-Year Anniversary New Features

Google Chrome is 10 today. To celebrate, Google is releasing an update which will feature a fresh design and a few productivity features.

New Chrome Browser Design Will Be Released Next Month

Google Chrome users, and there are many of them since it’s the most popular web browser in the world, will be delighted to know that the company will be rolling out a new design for the browser next month. It has confirmed that a new Chrome Material Design refresh will be out for the browser in the Chrome 69 release that’s due in the first week of September.


Google Chrome New Tab Page Now Displaying Search Suggestions

Google Chrome’s autocomplete feature is pretty handy when it comes to offering up search suggestions to reduce time wasted on searching for the wrong topics. Now it looks like Google is taking those search suggestions to the next level by predicting what you might be interested in searching next.

How To Disable Google Chrome Ad Block

Google Chrome’s recent update integrated a native ad blocker into the browser, aimed to block ad content that might qualify as intrusive or annoying, while allowing ads from websites that properly follow the guidelines. The default option in Chrome is to enable the particular feature. But what if you don’t wish your browser to have any kind of control over the content that is being displayed to you? In this […]

Chrome Canary Will Use Partial Page Loads To Speed Up Browsing Time

Thanks to how much faster our internet speeds are getting, websites load pretty fast, but of course it could always be improved upon which is what Google is going for in the latest Chrome Canary build. The company has introduced a new feature called “lazy loading” that will make pages load even faster.

Chrome Updated With Windows 10 Notifications Support

Chrome, one of the most widely used web browsers on the planet, has received an update for Windows this week. The update brings support for the native notification center in Windows 10. Google has actually been testing out support for Windows 10 notifications for Chrome over a few months now and it has finally rolled out this feature which will certainly make life easier for Chrome users on Windows 10.

Upcoming Chrome Update Will Mark Non-HTTPS Websites As ‘Not Secure’

Back in the day when you would verbally spell out a website’s URL, you would start with “http”. However these days thanks to increased web security, you might have noticed that many websites now start with “https”, where the “s” marks the website as having a secure connection where its content cannot be tampered with by ISPs or governments (in theory).

Google To Kill ‘Save To Google’ Chrome Extension

A couple of years ago, Google launched a Chrome extension dubbed “Save to Google” which sort of acted the same way as Pinterest, where users could “save” items they liked on the web to a centralized location for viewing later on. However fast forward a couple of years later, it seems that Google is done with it.

How To Delete Chrome Extensions

Adding Chrome Extensions is easy, but to remove them, you might have to go deeper in the settings. We can do it in 2 clicks or six easy steps.

Google Chrome On Android Can Cache Content For Offline Reading

Google is making it easier for Chrome users across the globe to access content that they need to stay on top of even when they don’t have an internet connection. Staying on top of news can be difficult when there’s no connectivity to users can’t get connected to the internet for a couple of days if they’re out of coverage area. Google has thus introduced a new way for Chrome […]

Google Chrome On Android Can Now Download Articles For Offline Viewing

One of the perks of living in a developed country is that when it comes to the internet infrastructure, it is widely available, fast, and for the most part reliable. However there are some countries in the world where fast and stable internet is something of a luxury, but the good news is that Google is here to help.

Google Cracking Down On Chrome Extensions Installed From Third-Party Websites

If there is a reason why companies such as Google and Apple are so strict when it comes to reviewing apps for sale on their app stores, it is because they want to ensure that these apps do not end up hurting the user, such as steal their information, invade their privacy, or end up being malware in disguise.