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Google Wants Chrome Extensions To Be More Transparent With Data Usage
A lot of us use software that we don’t fully know how it works, and that’s fine. It would not be possible for us to know everything, but sometimes, some malicious hackers and developers take advantage of our ignorance to try and slip in code that shouldn’t be there that could be used to steal information or track users unknowingly.

Chrome For iPad Now Support Multiple Windows
Browser tabs allow users to visit multiple websites at once. This has become a standard feature on desktops, but on tablets, it offers a slightly different experience. However, if you’re an iPad user who would like a more desktop like browsing experience using Chrome on your tablet, you’re in luck.

M1 Optimized Version Of Google Chrome Now Available
With Apple taking a huge gamble and ditching Intel and its x86 processors, the company is really banking on developers to start developing apps that are native and optimized for their M1 chipsets. This is because without a solid ecosystem, no matter how powerful the chipsets are, no one would want to adopt them.

This Chrome Extension Will Restore Google’s Classic Icons
Not too long ago, Google introduced a bunch of new icon designs to its various products and services like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, and Hangouts. These new icons are meant to help create a more unified look across Google’s services, but many have expressed their unhappiness with the design.


How To Save Google Chrome Tabs For Later
As much as we’d like to read all the articles we find on the internet, time simply does not allow us to. So what happens when you have 20 tabs open in Google Chrome that you don’t want to lose? Here’s how you can save them so that you can read it later.

Google Chrome For Mobile Just Got A Lot More Secure
Due to the fact that mobile and desktop apps are created for different platforms, sometimes certain features of the desktop aren’t available on mobile and vice versa. However, the good news for Google Chrome users on mobile is that Google is beefing up the security on the mobile version of the browser.

Google Will No Longer Let Developers Charge For Chrome Extensions
Chrome extensions are pretty useful as they bring added functionality that the browser by default does not. A lot of these extensions are free, but some require payment, but the semi-good news is that in a change to the Chrome Web Store, Google will no longer be allowing developers to charge for Chrome extensions.

Your Chrome Tabs Just Got A Lot More Organized
Earlier this year it was reported that Google would soon be introducing a new feature to Chrome in the form of better tab management. For those who have been looking forward to it, you’ll be pleased to learn that the feature is now being actively rolled out to Chrome users who have the latest update installed.

Chrome Will Start Labeling Websites That Load Fast
When it comes to the web experience, obviously web design and its user interface plays a vital role in allowing users to have a good experience. However, there are other factors to consider, such as page loading times. After all, what good is having a fantastic website design if the pages take forever to load?

Chrome Will Warn User About Insecure Forms
Forms can be found across the internet whenever you want to make a purchase, sign up for a service, fill out a questionnaire, and so on. However, there is the question of whether or not these forms are secure? Will hackers be able to read or intercept these forms and steal your personal information?

Google Experimenting With New Chrome Battery Saving Features
Google’s Chrome browser is packed full of features that makes it a great browser to use. However, for those with older computers, laptops, or computers that aren’t quite as powerful, Chrome has been known to be a bit of a resource and battery hog. The good news is that Google is working on fixing those issues.

Chrome Extension Will Show You How Ads Are Tracking You
Ads are part of the internet, but unlike more traditional advertisements you see in the physical world, internet ads are smarter because they can track you and your browsing habits, meaning that these companies know what you like, what you don’t like, what you’re searching for, and can then cater ads that target you specifically.

Chrome For iOS Doubles Up As A Password Manager
For those who use Google’s Chrome exclusively or extensively, you probably know that the browser comes with its own password management tool where it can remember the login credentials for the websites you use (if you choose to save it). However, an update to the iOS app will expand on that feature.

Chrome For Mac Will Soon Stop Being Such A Battery Hog
Google’s Chrome browser has been known to be something of a battery hog, especially on Mac computers where it seems to drain battery a lot faster compared to other browsers, like Apple’s Safari. However, the good news for Mac users is that it looks like Google will finally be doing something about it.

Upcoming Google Chrome Update Could Prove To Be A Huge Battery Saver
While Google’s Chrome is a fantastic browser in terms of its features and tight integration with its various products and services, there is no denying that Chrome is guilty of being a resource hog in terms of memory consumption and also a drain on devices that runs on a battery, like laptops.

Apple Will Make It Easier To Port Chrome Extensions Over To Safari
If you’re someone who has bought into Apple’s ecosystem, you know how easy Apple makes it to sync across your devices. This is not a bad thing, save for Safari in which in terms of the number of extensions available for it, it simply isn’t quite on the same level compared to the likes of Google Chrome.

How To Connect Your Laptop To A TV
Need to connect a laptop to a TV? Maybe you want a bigger screen for watching movies, surfing the web, or making presentations, and here’s how you can do it.

Future Versions Of Chrome Will Be Less Of A Memory Hog
One of the main criticisms of Google’s Chrome browser is that it is a memory hog. While the browser is fantastic and the integration of your Google account makes it a breeze to use, it can be quite demanding in terms of memory which can affect users who are using less powerful computers with less RAM.

This Awesome Google Chrome Extension Lets You Create Links To Highlighted Text On A Page
A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Google had made some changes to its search tool where if you were to click on a link at the top of the search page with an excerpt, you would be taken to the page where the excerpt has been highlighted in yellow which will make it easier for you find what you were searching for to begin with.

Google Testing Hiding Website Addresses In Chrome’s URL Bar
Want to know that the website you’re currently visiting is the correct one? One way to check would be its URL, where if you’re visiting a website that proclaims to be your bank’s website but displays a different address, then you know something could be wrong. However, for some reason, Google wants to mess around with that notion.