Google Testing Global Play Button For Chrome

One of the annoying things that websites can do is load music and videos in the background without your explicit permission. This means that you could be loading up multiple tabs when suddenly music starts blaring and you have no idea where it might be coming from. However, Google has tried to address that in the past by introducing icons that shows which tabs could be playing audio or video.

Future Chrome Build Could Block Resource Hogging Ads

The loading of content on a website can take up quite a bit of resources, depending on what’s in it. However, when you throw in additional content such as ads, it can end up consuming even more resources, which can be a hinder to older or lower-end computers that might have less RAM, or to slower internet connections.

Chrome Can Now Autofill Your Credit Card Details Without Syncing

One of the benefits of using the same browser across multiple devices is that you usually will be able to sync your data across it. Google’s Chrome is a perfect example where if you sign into the browser using the same account, you can sync information like browser history, bookmarks, autofill forms, and so on.

Google Launches New Chrome Extension To Help Report Suspicious Sites

Not all the websites we visit on the internet are safe. Some are just filled with ads and no real content and some are filled with malware ready to infect the computers that visit them. However, the good news is that Google has launched a new Chrome extension that will allow users to report websites that they think are suspicious.


How to Add and Remove Chrome Extensions

Extensions are tools that can help elevate and improve on your browsing experience, and if you’d like to learn how to better manage your Google Chrome extensions, this guide will help take you through the necessary steps.

Next Chrome Release Will Making Bypassing Paywalls Easier

Most major publications that rely on paywalls to drive subscriptions offer visitors a number of free articles per month. Once your quota for the month is finished, you can either wait until the next month or subscribe. One way users got around this paywall was by using the incognito mode in Google Chrome but developers later added some code to check if the visitor was using incognito mode. If it […]

Google Is Forcing Microsoft Edge Preview Users To Use Chrome To Watch YouTube

It seemed like Microsoft might have slightly conceded to Google when the company announced their plans to rebuild its Edge browser based on Chromium, the same platform that Google’s Chrome browser is based on. However, it seems that isn’t enough for Google because according to reports, Google still very much wants Edge users to use Chrome.

Future Chrome Update Will Stop Websites Preventing You From Leaving

We’re sure that you’ve encountered some rogue websites in the past where when you try to press the back button, it doesn’t take you back to the previous page. Instead, it seems that run some kind of script that forces you to stay on its website, where the only way for you to leave is to close the browser.

How To Block Websites On Chrome

Google Chrome is arguably the most popular web browser. Whether you want to increase your productivity at work or you want to set up parental control for your child, there are ample reasons why you would want to block some websites on your Chrome browser.

Chrome WIll Let Users Block Cross-Site Tracking

The unfortunate reality of the web that we know in this day and age is all about selling information, where companies learn what they can about you and sell that information to advertisers who will then try to market you products. We’ve seen how some companies, such as Apple, step up their efforts at protecting the privacy of their users by blocking trackers.

Microsoft Wants To Ensure You’re Really Incognito In Incognito Mode

With Chrome’s Incognito Mode, the idea behind it is that you will be able to browse the web with relative privacy where the sites you visit will not show up in the main Chrome. We’ve seen how sometimes it’s not quite as discreet as you might think, but it seems that Microsoft is hoping to fix that.

Chrome Exploit Uses Fake Address Bar For Phishing

Phishing attacks come in many forms, such as URLs created to look similar to authentic websites, or emails that are seemingly legit. However, according to researcher James Fisher, he has discovered a new Chrome exploit that could let hackers create a very real-looking, but fake, address bar.

This Chrome Extension Will Tidy Up Your Gmail Interface

We know that many were bummed when Google announced that they would be shutting Inbox down. It was an excellent product that helped make emails a lot more organized and tidy, and so to this date, we still have no idea why the company shut it down. If you’re not a fan of Gmail’s interface, we have some good news for you.

Chrome No Longer Lets Websites Track You In Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode is meant to allow for private browsing but it has been possible for websites to track if the visitor is using the mode or not. Google has now made it impossible for websites to do that. However, this functionality is disabled by default in the latest Chrome version and has to be manually enabled.