Chrome’s Disruptive Ad Filters To Rollout Worldwide This July

Last year Google announced that they would be rolling out ad blocking features to its Chrome browser where it would block ads that are deemed disruptive. The initial rollout only covered sites in North America and Europe, but Google has since announced plans to do the same to cover the rest of the world.

Dark Mode Now Available On Chrome Canary For Windows

Last year it was revealed that Google was working on bringing Dark Mode to Chrome on macOS devices. With the latest version of macOS support dark mode, it looked like Google wanted its Chrome browser to play nice, presumably in hopes of stopping users to using Safari, macOS’ native browser.

Chrome Canvas Launched, Lets You Doodle In Your Browser

If you want to make a quick doodle on your computer, there are various apps that can do that. In fact if you’re using a Windows computer, the default Microsoft Paint does a pretty good job of doing just that. However it seems that Google thinks that maybe doing your doodles in the cloud on a web browser might come in handy.

Some Believe Google ‘Intentionally’ Broke Microsoft & Apple’s Browsers

It was recently revealed that Microsoft is working on a major overhaul for its Edge browser where they would be adopting Chromium, Google’s rendering engine for websites, and thus ditching EdgeHTML in the process. It seemed like a smart idea with regards to compatibility, but it seems that Microsoft might have been forced into the matter.


Chrome For Android To Get Shortcut That Closes All Tabs

The more you use your phone’s browser, chances are over time you will start to accumulate a bunch of tabs from the various websites that you might have visited. Closing them isn’t really much of a problem, but a report from Chrome Story (via 9to5Google) has suggested that Google could soon be introducing a shortcut for Android that will close them all at once.

Chrome’s Dark Mode For macOS Will Arrive Early 2019

One of the features of Apple’s macOS Mojave update is that it introduces support for dark mode. This means that when applied, some apps will take on a darker theme that might be easier on the eyes when used in a low-light setting. Unfortunately this isn’t applicable across all apps as developers will need to support the feature as well.

Mozilla CEO Criticizes Microsoft’s Shift To Chromium

Last week there were rumors to suggest that Microsoft could be making the shift to Chromium, the rendering engine that Google uses for its Chrome browser. Microsoft later confirmed it to be true which sounds like a good thing as it means a more consistent web browsing experience across the board.

Chrome 71 Rolling Out With Abusive Ads & Billing Protection

Anyone who’s surfed the web long enough has probably encountered various websites that have designed ads to look like legit Windows popups and notifications, which when you click can take you to another site where potentially malware can be installed on your computer. However if you are using Google’s Chrome browser, that should become a thing of the past.

Microsoft Could Be Building A Chrome-Based Browser For Windows 10

When Microsoft introduced Windows 10, they also unveiled a new browser called Edge. Edge was admittedly faster and more modern compared to Internet Explorer, which over the years became something of a joke and punchline. However unsurprisingly, many users were still unwilling to make the switch from browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

Chrome For Android To Get Gesture Page Navigation

One of the features of Apple’s Safari on iOS is that you can swipe from the extreme left or right sides of the phone to navigate between pages, where swiping from the left means you’ll be going back a page, and swiping from the right means you’ll be moving forwards a page. Now it looks like Chrome for Android could be getting similar functionality as well.

Chrome’s New ‘Tab Groups’ Feature Will Make Tab Organization Easier

Google is working on a new feature for its popular Chrome browser called “Tab Groups.” As the name suggests, it’s going to make it much easier to organize tabs open in the browser. Since many of us tend to have an unreasonable amount of tabs open at any given time, this is certainly going to make life easier for many users.

Chrome For Windows On ARM Reportedly Being Developed

Some commits have been spotted which suggest that Microsoft and Google engineers are working together on a version of the popular Chrome browser with support for Windows on ARM. It was previously suggested by a Qualcomm executive that an ARM version of Chrome for Windows 10 is being developed. It does appear that both companies have been working together on this.

Chrome Will Warn Users Against Scam Subscriptions

We get that the subscription model is a lucrative one. After all it basically means that developers ensure themselves of a steady flow of income as long as users are subscribed, versus one-off purchases where they would need to constantly rely on new customers (which are finite) to purchase their software or services.

Chrome 70 Could Potentially Break Hundreds Of Websites

While Google Chrome isn’t the only browser available in the market today, given how many people use it, it’s safe to say that many of the changes Google makes to its browser affects the way websites are created/developed. Take for example how Google has started marking websites that use the HTTP protocol as “not secure”.