Want to know how to choose a new TV for your living room? The answer is pretty simple, actually, where all you need to do is let Sony assist you in this matter. Of course, I am assuming that the Japanese company is secretly hoping deep down inside that once you are done picking your new TV, you would definitely choose from Sony’s range and not its competitors. The Sony TV Size Guide that is made available online will allow you to learn just where is the best place to put your TV at home, or will the screen size that you are choosing be far too large for your living room?


Before you are able to take advantage of the Sony TV Size Guide, you will need to have your computer hooked up to a printer (wireless or not, it doesn’t matter) which has some ink inside, since you will need to print an AR (Augmented Reality) marker, paste it to the wall and snap a photo of your desired TV space. Upload that photo after that, and Sony’s online tool will get to work right away, narrowing down your TV model options.

I just wish that there is some sort of more eco-friendly manner of doing this without having to print out on paper – how about an app on iOS or Android devices?

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