Some of us might seem to be all macho on the outside, but when you mention the word “dentist”, he/she would run helter skelter in random directions. After all, there is no feeling quite as vulnerable as that of sitting on a metal chair raised from the floor, having a bright light flood your eyes will this nasty sound of the drill attempts to bore holes in your teeth to fix, well, all the cavities you’ve accumulated over the years. Perhaps there is a less torturous method to fixing your set of pearly whites?

A bunch of French scientists might have just stumbled across the solution in the form of a tooth treatment gel that is said to stimulate regrowth of a natural tooth, hence doing away with drills and fillings. This gel is made up of a natural chemical that can be found in our bodies, and so far tests in mice have proved to be effective, although there are no known results of long term effects just yet.

Another solution comes in the form of ‘magic fluid’ that was developed in the Leeds’ School of Chemistry, UK. This fluid holds the peptide known as P 11-4 which is also able to develop into fibers – and when the right criteria are met, this fluid will seek out decayed areas of teeth when applied, establishing scaffolds which will attract calcium – hence causing a regeneration process to grow in your teeth from the inside out. Thanks, credentis!

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