OK, despite numerous movies that depict a post-apocalyptic America with zombies crawling all over the place, nothing of that sort has happened just yet – not even in science laboratories. This is good news, as I’d hate being hounded by flesh eating undead each time I want to go out in the open. The Wriskwatch by Emergency Medical Technologies looks like a timepiece, but it is actually a motion sensor and a pulse sensor, with the latter made possible courtesy of a piezoelectric disk that enables it to detect the radial pulse rate. Basically, it was specially designed to identify a patient in cardiac arrest, and I suppose if you slap this on a zombie, it will not return any readings since zombies are, well, dead.

The whole idea of the Wriskwatch would be to detect pulselessness and lack of movement, where an emergency medical system will then kick into action so that proper medical care and attention can be provided for the patient who is most probably undergoing cardiac arrest, resulting in an increased chance of survival in the process. Sounds like a good idea, and definitely a tool worth looking out for if you know of anyone that might need it.

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