Wood is a preferable choice when it comes to speaker systems due to their innate acoustic characteristics, but if you’re not a fan of chopping trees to make your speakers, perhaps these stone speakers by AudioMasons might be something worth checking out, especially with their lofty claims of being “20,000% more sustainable”.

In terms of audio, the stone speakers are a 2-way Comet speaker that features 7” and 1” drivers, and with a frequency response of 42Hz-20kHz, not to mention that the materials used are sourced locally and is hand crafted, which is a pretty nice touch, not forgetting the lifetime warranty that comes with the speakers.

However apart from these qualities, AudioMasons is also advertising their speakers as being “green” speakers with LEED qualifications, which are generally used for buildings and structures. They also seem to be comparing the stone they use against virgin cast aluminum speaker cabinets, which aren’t exactly the most common speaker cabinets you can find on the market.

Perhaps their “greenness” is used mainly for marketing, although we wouldn’t know, but either way if these speakers look good enough for you, and if you’re interested in decorating your living room with them, be prepared to fork out $1,146 for them. For more information you can head on down to AudioMasons’ website.

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