In this modern day and age, there’s this niggling, chronic situation known as “stress” that affects most of us at the office, and usually the higher you climb, the more stress one encounters (and dispenses – have you ever thought about that concerning your subordinates?). Well, a particular project that was demonstrated at the Medicine 2.0 Congress at Stanford showed off the Brain Bot system that requires you to wear a visor-like device on your head, using corresponding connected software to help you clear your mind of all thoughts and distractions for ten seconds.

Doing this is said to power “your brain battery”, and it proved to be far easier said than done, even for the representative performing the demonstration. Of course, it did not help that all the noise and anticipation of the crowd to see a result certainly had an (negative) effect. Once you have powered your brain battery, however, the Brain Bot software will offer a range of mental exercises while tracking your progress to help you clear your mind of mental clutter. Do you think that this is some sort of digital Professor X?

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