You know how drinking coffee is supposed to give you a temporary jolt so that you need not feel all that lethargic? Well, I suppose that works for humans, but what about cars? There is this particular jalopy which was specially modified to run on nothing but coffee grounds – and it was recently involved in an attempt to break the speed record for vehicles which run on gas from organic waste.


Engineer Martin Bacon from County Durham actually tinkered around with this particular vehicle using a gasifier that will burn organic material at high temperature. The result of all that burning? Combustible gases which, after going through a fair bit of cleaning and cooling, will be used to fuel an adapted combustion engine.

I don’t think I’d bring this car to Starbucks for a refill, it’d probably be cheaper to maintain a Lamborghini in the long run where fuel is concerned. After all, premium coffee isn’t all that cheap in the first place, and didn’t the price of gas drop by 12 cents on average recently per gallon?

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