The Flybus sounds like a dream to ride on, and no, it will not suddenly sprout wings and take to the skies, but rather, it will be able to take advantage of the kinetic energy generated whenever it brakes, winding up a flywheel which will feed energy back into the wheels whenever the acceleration process begins. Capable of winding up to 60,000 rounds per minute, this would eventually translate to emissions-free energy, helping both gas powered and electric vehicles all the more efficient.

Not only that, hybrid-electric buses which are currently crazy expensive might eventually be a whole lot more affordable if a hybrid flywheel system is implemented across the board. A board comprising of different bus consortiums have developed what they dub the Optare Solo Midibus, which is more or less the best of all worlds thanks to different companies offering their own expertise.

Cheaper and greener buses? We’ll take those any day, and hopefully, it would mean more affordable public transport prices, too.

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