When Resident Evil 4 first rolled out for the Nintendo GameCube all those years ago, it was quite the successful game, being a departure from the franchise by focusing far more on the action than anything else. Well, it is nice to know that sometimes classics have more life in them when developers decide to take something old and slap it with new technology – as Resident Evil 4 will soon come in a high-definition version on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. If you happen to rock to the former console, it can be yours for 1,600 Microsoft points, which is the equivalent of $20.

$20 for around 12 hours minimum to complete for the average person? Sounds like a pretty good deal – you can watch Titanic twice at $10 per ticket and only get 6 hours plus of entertainment, so this more or less doubles it.

I do have gripes with the repackaged game though – while the graphics have been given a shot in the arm to run in high definition, the textures are far too outdated to complement the upgraded graphics, which is a pity. Seems to be a way for Capcom to milk this cow, but chances are fans of the series will shun this seemingly effortless rework. I would say it is more suitable for those who have yet to play any Resident Evil in their lives to give this title a go.

Resident Evil 4 HD will hit the PS3 for $20 as well this coming September 20th.

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