It is unclear when Capcom will be launching Resident Evil 8, the next major installment in the Resident Evil franchise. However, according to a report from YouTube channel Resident of Evil, they have heard rumors that suggests that Capcom is expected to continue sticking with the first person perspective for the game.

This is similar to the gameplay style of Resident Evil 7, so if you prefer that mode, then this is good news, but if you miss the third-person playstyle, then you might be disappointed. Eurogamer also claims that this is what they have heard from their sources, so while none of this can be verified yet, at the very least the rumors are consistent with each other.

As Eurogamer notes, the shift to first person perspective is an interesting one as it did come as a surprise. They also note that Capcom did not apply that to the remakes of older Resident Evil titles, but it looks like the company could simply be saving it for newer titles.

That being said, there is no word on when Resident Evil 8 will be launched. We did hear a recent rumor that Capcom had apparently been working on the game ahead of the release of Resident Evil 7, but they scrapped it and only rebooted it back in 2019, suggesting that it might be a while before we actually see its release.

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