So you are wearing this super smug smile on your face, knowing that you have just dropped a sizeable investment on this particular new HDTV in your living room, and have organized a party to invite the rest of your mates over to your place to enjoy your latest “toy” while they start breeding little green-eyed monsters deep within the innermost recesses of their souls. Sharp’s latest version of the future comes in the form of the 8K4K TV which boasts a stunning 7,680 x 4,320 resolution in its 85″ glory.

The quality is amazing to say the least – above is a screenshot of the video which you can watch after the jump, and with a little bit of mathematics and experience, one can deduce that a 2 hour movie at 1080p resolution takes up around 4GB of storage space on your hard drive, so a similar movie in 8K x 4K resolution might just end up on a Blu-ray drive after it has been compressed in H264 high profile.

One thing’s for sure – if something like this ever hits the market, it is going to be crazy expensive for early adopters.

Video source: armdevices

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