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Toshiba Has Officially Exited The Laptop Business
There are many laptop makers in the market today, but it looks like we can now take Toshiba off that list as the company has quietly announced that they are exiting the laptop business. The company has revealed that they have since transferred all of their remaining stake in its personal computing business over to Sharp.

Sharp's Smart TVs Will Be Available In The U.S. Again This Year
Sharp exit the U.S. market back in 2015 when the company’s financial troubles put its very existence in doubt. The company later received financial backing from Hon Hai Precision, the company that’s better known as Foxconn. A lot has changed since then and the Japanese firm has now announced that it will once again start selling its smart TVs in the United States.

Sharp Shows Off Prototype Vertically Foldable Smartphone
In 2019, we saw the official launch of the foldable smartphone concept where companies such as Samsung and Huawei have come forward with foldable smartphone concepts of their own. Clearly they are not alone and according to a recent video, it looks like Sharp could be interested in such devices as well.

Sharp Reportedly Wants In On Producing OLEDs For Apple’s iPhones
Being chosen as a supplier for Apple is a huge deal. Given how many millions of products the company sells, it also means that orders for companies are in the millions as well, which in turn means a lot of money. So far Samsung has been more or less monopolizing the OLED production for Apple’s iPhones, but it seems that Sharp wants a piece of that pie as well.


Sharp's Latest Smartphone Has Two Notches
Many smartphone users complain when their favorite manufacturers add one notch to a new model so they certainly won’t feel too happy about what Sharp has done. The company has unveiled a new smartphone today that actually has two notches, one at the top for the front camera and another at the bottom for the fingerprint sensor.

Sharp’s 8K TV To Begin Shipping To Customers Next Month
#CEATEC2018 – 4K is poised to become the standard resolution for the foreseeable future, and to a certain extent it is halfway there as we’re seeing more displays offer 4K resolution, and more devices that can capture 4K video. However in the future we could be looking at displays with even higher resolution, such as 8K, and it seems that Sharp is already ready to deliver.

Sharp AQUOS Zero Brings A New OLED Contender To Market
There’s no questioning Samsung’s dominance in the mobile OLED space. The sheer scale at which it produces and supplies OLED displays to its own smartphone subsidiary and other manufacturers is unmatched. However, Sharp is now entering the arena with the AQUOS Zero. The company’s latest device will come with its own OLED display and Sharp also has plans to supply panels to other OEMs.

Sharp Eyes Return As It Acquires Toshiba's PC Business
Osaka-based Sharp was acquired in 2016 by Foxconn and it has been on a road to recovery since then. It appears that the company might be thinking about returning to the PC business after quitting it eight years ago. Sharp has announced its decision to acquire Toshiba’s PC business for $36 million and some believe that this is the first step that the company is taking in its eventual return […]

Sharp & LG Reportedly Competing For Apple’s OLED Orders
Some of the technical advantages of LED versus LCD technology are clear enough to see why LED display technology is the way of the future, at least for now. It is also why it wouldn’t be surprising to see Apple start to incorporate more OLED displays into its other products as well, going beyond iPhones.

Sharp To Launch Its 8K TVs In China And Japan
4K is slowly becoming the new standard resolution in which we are expected to consume our media in. Granted it isn’t quite as ubiquitous as Full HD, but give it maybe an additional year or two and we should start seeing it everywhere. This means that if you own a 4K TV, you could consider yourself futureproofed for the foreseeable future.

Sharp Unveils Another Bezel-Less Smartphone
While some of the better known Android OEMs have jumped on the bezel-less bandwagon in 2017, Sharp has been toying with the idea for a couple of years now. It came out with the Aquos Crystal back in 2014. The handset had a bezel-less design but it was only made available to customers in Japan. Sharp today unveiled a new handset of a similar nature called the Aquos S2.

Sharp To Reportedly Invest $864 Million Into OLED Production
Apple is known to work with many suppliers on a single component. The idea is that should anything go wrong with one supplier, the others can pick up the slack. It is a pretty common strategy that other companies also use. Sharp is one of Apple’s suppliers when it comes to display panels, and it seems that recent rumors have suggested that Sharp could be supplying Apple with OLED displays […]

Sharp Launches Star Wars Smartphone In Japan
If you like spending money on Star Wars gear perhaps you might want to pick up this new smartphone from Sharp. Bear in mind that it’s only going to be released in Japan so either you’ll have to go all the way to the Land of the Rising Sun to get one for yourself or import it through other means. Sharp is going to launch this special edition smartphone in […]

Sharp CEO May Have Confirmed Next iPhone's OLED Display
We’ve been hearing rumors for a few years now that Apple is going to shift to OLED displays for the iPhone but the company hasn’t done that yet. Recent rumors suggest that next year’s model, which will also be a commemoration of the iPhone’s tenth anniversary, is going to feature an OLED display. The newly appointed Sharp CEO Tai Jeng-wu appears to have confirmed rumors that the next-generation iPhone is […]

Sharp Unveils IGZO Display That’s Over 1,000ppi
[CEATEC 2016] If virtual reality to take off, there obviously needs to be some improvements made. There is still a lot of areas that VR could stand to improve upon, and one of those things would be the displays used. Obviously by having a higher resolution, it would allow for images to appear sharper, and thus more realistic.

Sharp’s RoboHon Can Now Double Up As A Waiter/Tour Guide
[CEATEC 2016] When Sharp unveiled the RoboHon, it was marketed as a cute little robot that could keep you company at home, and the ability to project images from its face, so it’s almost like you get to hang out with a friend and watch a movie. However it seems that this year Sharp has revealed that the RoboHon has potential for use in businesses as well.

Sharp In Negotiations With Apple For The 2017 iPhone’s Display
It seems that it has been less than a month since the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have been released, but there is already a lot of talk and interest generated around the 2017 iPhone, which last we heard could be known as the iPhone 8. Now one of the rumors is that the iPhone 8 is expected to feature OLED displays, and it seems that Sharp is a potential […]

Sharp Launches The Aquos 507SH Android One Smartphone
One of the ways that Google has tried to make Android appeal to emerging markets is by launching the Android One initiative. In a way you could think of Android One devices as low-end Nexus handsets aimed at customers on a very tight budget. So far we’ve seen such devices launch in markets like India.

Sharp’s Latest Aquos Has A Near Bezel-less Display
There are some who might criticize OEMs for creating phones with huge displays, but let’s face it, watching a video or playing a game on a 5.5-inch display is indeed more enjoyable compared to a 4-inch. However we suppose we understand where the critics are coming from: big displays usually results in a phone that’s too unwieldy.

Samsung, Sharp To Ramp Up OLED Production For 2017 iPhone
If you’re looking to save yourself some money, we can suggest that maybe you can skip this year’s iPhone. This is because if you think you can hold out until next year, perhaps that is when upgrading will be more worth it, especially if the rumors are true about 2017’s iPhone sporting a brand new design.