Looking for a set of AirPlay compatible speakers? Sony may have just what you want and in a pretty interesting looking package as well. Introducing the Sony SA-NS500 Portable HomeShare Speaker, which based on its design alone could pass of as an artsy ornament in your living room.

According to Sony, it features four drivers, a subwoofer and comes with a built-in battery that the company is claiming should last you a good 5-6 hours worth of continuous playing. The kicker is that as its looks imply, it is capable of producing 360-degrees worth of sound.  This means you should be able to place the SA-NS500 in the middle of room and all your guests will be able to enjoy the same quality of music.

The HomeShare and AirPlay compatibility will also allow you to throw songs to the speakers from a variety of devices, and not just be limited to iOS devices. It is expected ot make its way to the stores this October and will sport a price tag of $399.

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