Barnes & Noble’s “special announcement 7th November, new NookColor?

Barnes and Noble has sent us an invitation, which is about a “very special announcement”. Unless this “very special announcement” is about a new store opening, we’ll take a guess and say that this announcement probably has something to do with Barnes and Noble’s new NookColor e-reader device.

Last week before the weekend, we reported that there was a good chance that Barnes and Noble could be releasing their new NookColor e-reader on the 7th of November. This information came from The Digital Reader’s sources who claimed that there was staff meetings and talks about an event for the 7th of November, along with claims that an entire section of the store was renovated and redesigned for the new NookColor.

Given that the first-gen Nook is already a little over a year old, we guess a refresh is imminent. We’ll be on-site to check this out for you, so come back on Nov 7, 10:00am ET.

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