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Kobo Aura H20 Water-Resistant E-Reader Announced
If you love the idea of being able to bring a library of books with you wherever you go, ebooks are clearly the answer. However if your e-reader is getting a bit long in the tooth and you don’t mind getting your hands on a new one, you’ll be pleased to learn that Kobo has announced a new e-reader in the form of the Aura H20.

Kobo Aura One Is a Big Waterproof E-Reader
Amazon isn’t the only company that makes e-readers but its Kindle devices have long dominated the market. Kobo makes similar devices and its latest product has some neat features that haven’t arrived in a Kindle yet. It’s a big e-reader with a 7.8 inch display and it happens to be waterproof. It has that capability despite being thin and light, attributes that are very important particularly in e-readers.

Researchers Develop Prototype Braille E-Reader Device
Many of us probably take our sight for granted. We can read books, watch movies, surf the web, all without having to give a second thought. Those who are blind don’t have such luxury and have to rely on braille, meaning that unless there is a braille version of the book that they want, they might have to turn to other means which might not be as convenient.

Amazon Announce New Kindle & Kindle Voyage E-Readers
According to a report from yesterday, it was suggested that Amazon had new Kindle e-readers in the works, and sure enough they do. Amazon has since officially unveiled two new Kindle e-readers in the form of the Kindle Voyage and an updated Kindle that will be priced at a very affordable $79.Starting with the Kindle Voyage, this is Amazon’s most advanced e-reader, or so they claim. The e-reader will sport […]


U.S. Ambassador Sworn In Via E-Reader
We have seen our fair share of e-readers in the past, and this particular niche of mobile devices certainly seem to have a slower rate of development compared to the different mobile markets. Having said that, one would not find huge leaps in technology made for the e-reader market, which begs the question, are e-readers really all that they are hyped up to be, and do they still have a […]

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review
I used to read a lot of books. Physical books printed on paper and bound up. I love the feel of the spines, the cover designs, and even the musty smell used books have when you buy them from hole-in-the-wall book shops.While I’ve tried to transition to reading e-books on my iPad 3 and iPhone, the experience just isn’t the same. I always end up distracted by Facebook, or Twitter, […]

NeRD E-Reader For The Navy
The US Navy has worked alongside Findaway World, where the fruition of their partnership has resulted in a spanking new basic e-reader device. Known as the NeRD e-reader, the original was based on a hardware design which had been licensed from a Singapore-based OEM. NeRD stands for Navy eReader Device, where this particular 6″ e-book reader will be a whole lot more secure than your regular e-reader out there. Secure […]

E Ink Introduces Fina E-Reader
E Ink has come up with some pretty interesting displays in the past, and this time around, we have a new kind of screen technology from the folks over at E Ink that they call Fina. Fina will rely on technology which makes use of an extremely thin glass substrate which will supposedly end up eventually in displays that measure less than 50% where thickness and weight are concerned, especially […]

E-reader Sales Drop Due To Tablets
The netbook revolution never came – as Apple’s iPad (and subsequently, all the other notable Android-powered tablets) came into the scene, cannibalizing into the netbook’s already niche market. I guess the netbook was a good idea, but that was because the tablet segment had yet to be perfected. Well, there is another segment of hardware that crosses path with the tablet, and those would be dedicated e-readers, such as the […]

Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite in Japan will be priced cheaper than its US counterpart
Over in Japan, e-readers aren’t exactly new to the market and with Amazon’s introduction of their first Japanese language e-reader, the Kindle Paperwhite, it certainly looks like Amazon is late to the game. Perhaps in an effort to make up for lost time, reports have indicated that the Kindle Paperwhite device for the Japanese market will be priced less than its US counterpart and will be sold for roughly $100. […]

Kindle Fire 8.9-inch and Front-lit Kindle eReader launching soon?
A few days ago, we wrote about the possibility for Amazon to release color e-book Kindles this year. Today, Reuters is backing up the rumor by saying that Amazon will indeed launch new versions of its Kindle e-reader and Kindle Fire tablet, including a monochrome e-reader with front lighting. According to Reuters, a source of theirs who claims to have direct knowledge of the matter told them that the world’s […]

Barnes & Noble to launch front-lit Nook e-reader?
A few days ago, it was reported that there was a possibility of Amazon working on a front-lit e-reader. Well it looks like the idea of a front-lit e-reader is one that is shared by both Amazon and Barnes & Noble as Nate from The Digital Reader has managed to get his hands on a photo of a signage expected to go up Barnes & Nobles stores for front-lit Nook […]

Kobee Jin Yong Reader gets a Mirasol display
At the Taipei International Book Fair, Qualcomm has announced that Kobee has selected the Mirasol display technology for their Jin Yong Reader (the reader has been named after Jin Young, a popular author in China ). The tablet features a 5.7″ 1024×768 Mirasol display, a 1GHz SnapDragon S2 processor and a customized Android 2.3. This device looks just like the Bambook Sunflower that we talked about at CES.If you are […]

Bambook Sunflower: the first mirasol display e-reader
[CES 2012] Qualcomm’s mirasol display has been announced quite a while ago but we have yet to see it in products this side of the world, however that may all change soon. Today Qualcomm MEMS Technologies and The Shanghai Nutshell have announced the first mirasol display e-reader: the Bambook Sunflower. In case you’re wondering about what’s so special about Qualcomm’s mirasol display – it was touted to be the next […]

Jetbook Color e-reader will arrive in January and cost you $500
If you were thinking of getting yourself a color eInk e-reader, you might have to end up paying $500 for the Jetbook Color e-reader by Ectaco, a company that takes the Havon readers and pairs it with their own firmware that has been exclusively developed for both the English and European markets.

Kyobo e-reader hits South Korea
There is nothing quite like curling up to a good book on a rainy day with a hot mug of coffee in one hand, while there is also a plate of cookies that delivers quick and easy access to boot whenever your stomach experiences hunger pangs. Well, these days, it makes sense for e-book readers to hit the market – and South Korea’s latest e-book reader would be the Kyobo […]

Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet gets rooted
It wasn’t too long ago that Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet got rooted, so we can’t say that we’re very surprised to hear that its competition, the Nook Tablet, has been rooted as well. The method to rooting the Nook Tablet is apparently similar to the one used on the Kindle Fire, and for those looking to install Google apps on the Nook Tablet, it seems that a method has been […]

Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet allows for sideloaded apps
It was discovered not too long ago that the Amazon Kindle Fire could sideload apps not from Amazon’s app store, so we guess we can’t say that we’re too surprised to hear that the Barnes & Noble’s recently launched Nook Tablet gained that ability as well. 

Is the New Nook Tablet Worth $50 More Than Kindle Fire?
Taking a page from Apple’s “if ain’t broke don’t fix” iPhone 4S product design school, Barnes & Noble this morning introduced its new Nook Tablet, which is nearly identical to the original Nook Color, and priced at the same $249.When can get the new Nook Tablet? While you can pre-order it now, B&N representatives would only say the Tablet will be available “on or about November 17,” just two days […]

Barnes & Noble's "special announcement 7th November, new NookColor?
Barnes and Noble has sent us an invitation, which is about a “very special announcement”. Unless this “very special announcement” is about a new store opening, we’ll take a guess and say that this announcement probably has something to do with Barnes and Noble’s new NookColor e-reader device.Last week before the weekend, we reported that there was a good chance that Barnes and Noble could be releasing their new NookColor […]