Barnes & Noble’s “special announcement 7th November, new NookColor?

Barnes and Noble has sent us an invitation, which is about a “very special announcement”. Unless this “very special announcement” is about a new store opening, we’ll take a guess and say that this announcement probably has something to do with Barnes and Noble’s new NookColor e-reader device.Last week before the weekend, we reported that there was a good chance that Barnes and Noble could be releasing their new NookColor […]

Barnes & Noble’s new NookColor to be unveiled 7th November?

With Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablet gaining a lot of attention, not just as the company’s first Android tablet, but as a possible e-reader as well, Barnes & Noble’s new NookColor seems to have taken a backseat. There has been rumors that suggested B&N has plans to launch a new NookColor, but now it seems that thanks to The Digital Reader, that release could come as early as the 7th […]

Boingo Wi-Fi App for Barnes & Noble NOOK Color

Boingo has just announced their latest Wi-Fi App for the Barnes & Noble NOOK Color, where it will be a free NOOK App that can be downloaded through the Barnes & Noble NOOK Bookstore. This comes about after an agreement with Barnes & Noble, being part of Boingo’s first eReader partnership. Just what is the Boingo Wi-Fi app capable of doing? For starters, it will enable access to over 325,000 […]

NOOKcolor eBooks to support autographs

One of the best things about owning paperback books is that you can attend book signings of your favorite authors for them to leave their signatures on your books. It seems like Barnes & Noble has realized the importance of a book signing and will be including a new feature in their NOOKcolor tablets to help improve the situation.While it definitely won’t be the same as a regular book signing, […]


One more reason to root the NOOKcolor: Bluetooth

It’s really amazing to see what the folks over at XDA-developers can do with the NOOKcolor. After they managed to root it and install all sorts of custom apps and ROMs onto the device, it appears that they have enabled a new function on the device – Bluetooth support. With the use of the latest version of Cyanogen Mod, a custom ROM, they have managed to get Bluetooth enabled on […]

NOOKcolor turned into an In-Car Entertainment device

If there’s one thing about the NOOKcolor we love, it’s the fact that it is one heck of a versatile device that can be purchased for a low price. After people started rooting their NOOKcolor eBook readers to turn them into fully functional Android tablets, the popularity of the NOOKcolor just shot up. And now, someone decided to turn the tablet into an In-Car Entertainment (ICE) device. Taking the place […]

Android 3.0 hack for NOOKcolor now available for download

Remember when we covered news of the NOOKcolor receiving an Android 3.0 Honeycomb update unofficially? Well, that very update is now available for your downloading pleasure thanks to the good people over at the XDA-Developers forum. Hacker @deeper-blue managed to work out graphics acceleration, the accelerometer, Wi-Fi connectivity, touchscreen display, button and sleep/wake-up features and capabilities for the device over the weekend. There are still a couple of niggling issues […]

NOOKcolor hacked with Android 3.0 Honeycomb

Developer/hacker “@deeper-blue” recently posted a video on how he managed to port over the Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system which has been specially optimized for tablet use over to the NOOKcolor. So far, the port isn’t working all that great, although it can boot the OS while controlling the device, albeit with limited functionality. Currently, Deeper-Blue is working on putting the rest of the pieces together, such as graphics acceleration […]

Barnes & Noble NOOKnewsstand owes its success to the NOOKcolor

Need any more proof that the NOOKnewsstand by Barnes & Noble is a money maker? Barnes & Noble has just announced that the digital bookstore has exceeded 650,000 total subscriptions and single copy sales since they introduced the NOOKcolor (a full-color reading tablet) 2 months ago. That’s more sales than they were able to achieve during the past 12 months before the tablet was released. Talk about success – especially […]

Barnes & Noble ready to upgrade Nook Color e-book readers to Android 2.2 Froyo

Barnes & Noble has taken the proactive step to upgrade their very own Nook Color e-book readers to Android 2.2 Froyo from January 2011 onwards – which isn’t too far away actually, as we are less than a fortnight away from the new year. This move will see the Nook Color as part of the tablet market, and it could very well be Barnes & Noble’s intention of doing so. […]

Rooted Nook Color gets Android Market access

Now here’s something interesting for those of you who love to dabble with arcane knowledge of rooting – that is, opening up super user access to a device without the manufacturer’s permission. Nook Color owners who have rooted their e-book reader will now be able to access the Android Market, which translates to being able to enjoy plenty of free software from there, eh? The procedure itself is fraught with […]

Barnes & Noble manufactures 18,000 Nook Colors each day

For those who are wondering how well the Nook Color from Barnes & Noble will perform in sales charts this upcoming holiday season, you might be surprised to find out that the company is forcing their elves to work overtime, churning out around 18,000 Nook Colors each day. Basically, that translates to loading up a Boeing 747 every four to five days in order to bring devices to the US […]

NOOKcolor starts to ship for $249

Barnes & Noble announced their NOOKcolor ebook reader around three weeks ago, and it is nice to see the device fleshed out to the masses, as it has started to ship for $249 a pop. Just to recap (in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past month or so), the NOOKcolor sports a 7-inch IPS touchscreen display at 1024 x 600 resolution, is powered by Google’s Android […]