Heard of RhoElements before? Don’t be ashamed or afraid of shaking your head, as we haven’t either. It seems that RhoElements hails from the stables over at Motorola, and is a Web-based application framework that was turned into reality thanks to its acquisition of the cross-platform mobile app development platform known as Rhomobile. Since Motorola acquired Rhomobile earlier this year (July 29, 2011 to be exact), it obviously makes plenty of sense for Motorola to maximize that acquisition.

According to Motorola, they intend to announce even more cross-platform development tools, enterprise integration components and cloud-based services for its channel partners and customers in the coming months. Just what does RhoElements deliver? Well, it offers an HTML5/JavaScript/CSS application framework that will definitely support HTML5 features including app caching, Web storage, and the ability to optimize network utilization, not to mention allow continuous operation even when there is a loss of connection.

This toolkit will most probably appeal towards developers who work in the enterprise environment as well as in Motorola’s “PartnerEmpower” ecosystem. Using RhoElements, businesses are able to develop and deploy Web-based applications on current Motorola Windows Embedded Handheld (formerly known as Windows Mobile) and Windows Embedded Compact (the even older Win-CE) devices. [Press Release]

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