There have been several debates over how technology could have been used to predict and prevent the recession that has crippled economies around the world over the last 4 years. People have argued that businesses should have gone on facts, numbers rather than opinions and complete data rather than snapshots. However, these same people are the ones who have ignored the technologies that have allowed others to do this for years. The Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit in Chicago on November 3 & 4  gives people the opportunity to hear how this rapidly expanding industry gives people the insight needed to make correct decisions, not just in business but in almost any situation.


With speakers from Google, eBay, Salesforce and the City of Chicago, amongst others, the Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit will bring together the major players from around the world to discuss this burgeoning industry. This is a must attend for all high level analytics executives who want to share successes and obstacles in the implementation of predictive analytics processes.

The industry is constantly changing and huge companies have moved away from their core areas to create new systems that harness the power of predictive analytics. They are utilizing the cloud to redefine the industry and this has seen the early adopters reaping the benefits now. The application of analytics is proving to be more than just a short term fix, it is becoming an integral part of successful businesses. IBM have predicted that the industry will be worth in excess of $200bn by 2015, with that kind of money involved and the calibre of companies backing it, why wouldn’t you want to be in on the big secret?

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