For those who spend hours in front of the computer, especially during winter, there’s nothing quite like wrapping a blanket around yourself, enjoy a hot cup of tea whilst happily chatting away with family and loved ones. Well now instead of wrapping yourself in a blanket, you can instead hug a warming cushion while you sit back and enjoy your movie, thanks to these USB Animal Cushions.

As the name implies, these cushions are connected to your computer via USB, which when plugged it will start to get all nice and warm, perfect for hugging against your body during those cold winter nights. They’re available in a variety of colors in either dog or pig form (the dog reminds us of Eeyore from Pooh) and will set you back at $52.70 each. A bit pricey when you think about it, but if you’re into collecting cute, stuffed toys, how about one that does more than just sit on your mantle or bed looking cute?

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