sony-logoThe USB Type-C connector in smartphones is certainly something that is worth checking out and implemented, but not everyone is on the same page. Some folks might opt to investigate it further, or perhaps give the USB Type-C bus a miss altogether. Over at a recent technology workshop in Taipei, Takeshi Nitta, a program manager at Sony Mobile’s Tokyo office, did mention that Sony is looking into the possibility of using the new connector in their smartphones, but have not arrived at a definitive conclusion just yet.

It is starting to shape up to be a kind of long-term investigation, since the smartphone industry has not yet made the jump from the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 standards all the way to the new connector standard. In fact, the USB Type-C connector happens to be the standard that Android M will support fully.

After all, USB Type-C ports do offer a great degree of flexibility, since it can see action across multiple purposes like data transfer, video output, and a speedier charging time. Do you think that future flagship smartphones, from Sony or anyone else, will see the Type-C connector as standard? It really depends, but one thing is for sure – interesting times are ahead.

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