usbccablereplacementIt looks like Apple’s replacement program for their faulty USB-C standard cables which arrived with Apple’s 12” Retina MacBook is now well underway. It was just last Friday that Apple announced a replacement program that spans the entire world when it comes to the faulty USB-C charge cables which were manufactured from April to June of 2015, which were then subsequently sold either as a standalone product or alongside the 12” Retina MacBook, and it is nice to see that the announcement is now very real, with customers reporting that they have begun to receive these new USB-C cables.

MacBook owner iPhonedo shared over reddit that he picked up a package from Apple which comprised of a new USB-C cable (that fingers crossed, will work just fine!) alongside a letter that explains the USB-C cable replacement program.

iPhonedo shared, “A fedex package was left by my door today. And inside of it, there was a new USB-C cable from Apple. Along with a letter that says some cables may be faulty. Referring to the USB-C Cable replacement program. This is very nice because it saved me from getting a Genius Bar reservation and a trip to the Apple store.”

The new and redesigned cables will still come with the “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China.” label, except that there is the addition of a serial number, so that you know what you’re getting before you make a purchase next time around.

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