Google MapsDo you know an awesome scenic route around the outskirts of the city, and you wish to share it with your friends but you have no idea how to put it down in words? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. But if that seems to be a problem for you or if you feel that you need to show a custom path on a map instead of telling it in words, Google’s new feature for Maps should be right up your alley.

Users can now use Google Maps’ Custom Maps feature on the desktop to create their own biking or walking itinerary and then share them with anybody they wish to share it with. People who receive the link to the custom maps can access them or even add them to their own map collection which can be accessed later from the desktop or from the Google Maps app (on Android).

This is a great feature especially when you want to share shortcuts that aren’t easily spotted or you want your friends to try out a path that you enjoy walking or cycling through. Head over to the source link for the full instructions on how you can go about sharing your custom maps.

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