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Google Details Some Of The Cool Features That Will Be Coming To Google Maps
Google Maps already does a pretty good job at finding routes for you, but this doesn’t mean that Google should rest on their laurels. Hardly. In fact, during Google I/O 2021, the company took the opportunity to announce a bunch of cool exciting features that they will soon be bringing to Google Maps.

Google Maps Update Will Now Give Drivers The Most Fuel Efficient Routes
One of the reasons why people use Google Maps is because they need to get to their destination in the shortest time possible. However, and it might seem a bit unintuitive, the fastest route might not always be the shortest route. This is because the fastest route might put you on a highway that might be a longer distance, but because of the lack of traffic, you might actually reach […]

Google Maps Can Now Show Indoor AR Directions
Have you ever gone to a new mall or building and gotten really lost as to where you need to go? If you have, you’re not alone. However, the good news is that thanks to augmented reality technology, Google has recently announced that they will be using that tech for indoor mapping for Google Maps.

Google Maps Will Soon Let You Draw In New Or Missing Roads
To help make Google Maps as accurate as they can be, Google needs to send cars around cities, the countryside, and more to gather data to ensure that Google Maps is kept as updated as possible. Obviously this wouldn’t be possible all the time as there might be changes that Google could miss or have gotten wrong.


Google Maps Will Now Show COVID-19 Stats
Everyday, the number of COVID-19 infections changes. Some places might look like they are handling things well, but all it takes is one infected person to infect a cluster of people, which in turn can lead to an even greater cluster and have a negative impact on the number of daily infections.

Google Maps Is Now Available On The Apple Watch (Again)
Earlier last month, Google announced that they would be bringing its Google Maps app back onto the Apple Watch. For those who were excited by the news and have been looking forward to it, you’ll be pleased to learn that Google Maps is now available (again) for the Apple Watch in the latest update to the app.

Google Maps Is About To Get More Colorful And More Detailed
There are many things to like about Google Maps due to the various functions and features that are available as part of the service. However, if you felt that Google Maps has always felt a bit too “flat” and you wouldn’t mind it looking a bit more colorful or include more details, then you’re in luck.

Google Maps Is Finally Returning To The Apple Watch
Back in 2017, major apps started to drop support for the Apple Watch. One of those apps was Google Maps. The company did not state why they removed the app, but perhaps it was due to watchOS where maybe Google felt that it was not able to deliver an optimal Google Maps experience.

Google Maps Could Soon Come With Traffic Light Indicators
Google Maps is great for showing you which roads to take, which paths to walk on, which trains to catch, and now it looks like it might even show you where the traffic lights are. According to a recent discovery shared on Droid-Life, it appears that Google is testing out including traffic light indicators on Google Maps.

Google Maps Will Now Show Which Restaurants Offer Home Deliveries
With governments around the world advising people to stay at home to help curb the spread of the coronavirus, it means that going out to eat will no longer be possible. However, thankfully food delivery services still exist, and even restaurants that do not typically offer deliveries are starting to do so.

Google Maps Listings Now Have A ‘Temporarily Closed’ Option
Due to the fact that the spread of the coronavirus doesn’t seem to be abating anytime soon, this means that many businesses that are deemed non-essential are being forced to change the way they operate. For some, this means temporarily suspending their operations for the time-being.

Google Maps Gains Lens Integration When Browsing Menus
Ever wanted to know what to order at a restaurant? If you are in a new country exploring new restaurants, then you might want to consider firing up Google Maps. This is because according to a report from 9to5Google, it has been revealed that the company has integrated Google Lens into Google Maps.

Google Maps Will Soon Show Political Borders Depending On Your Location
The maps that we see today more or less paints an accurate picture of the world we live in. However, there are some subtleties in the maps, where there are some regions that are currently being disputed, where several different countries might lay claim to a particular location.

IKEA Uses Google Maps To Give Discounts Based On How Far You’ve Had To Travel
Due to the fact that IKEA tends to combine their actual store with a warehouse, they need a lot of space. As such, most of the time if you wanted to go to an IKEA store, they might be located out of the city and sometimes far away. However, to encourage customers to make trips to their stores, IKEA has come up with a rather novel idea.

Google Maps To Add New Features & A New Look For iPhone & Android
As Google Maps turns 15 today, they will be rolling out a new look along with a bunch of new features to iPhone and Android smartphones to celebrate the occasion.You can start noticing the new look if you’ve recently updated Google Maps today.If you haven’t yet, we insist you update the app as soon as possible to experience the fresh look.Along with a new look, the new update improves on […]

Google Maps ‘Hacked’ To Create A Fake Traffic Jam
Why Google Maps is much more effective as a driving navigational tool compared to others is because the information is updated constantly in real-time. This works by Google checking to see if there are other Google Maps users in the area to determine road congestion, but it seems that this system is flawed.

TomTom Will Be Huawei’s Alternative To Google Maps
As some of you know, Huawei is currently on the US government’s Entity List. As such, US companies such as Google have been banned from doing business with Huawei. It also prevents Huawei from accessing certain features and services that they relied on in the past, one of which is Google Maps.

Google Maps’ Satellite Images Covers More Than 98% Of The World’s Population
While there are many mapping applications around, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Google Maps has to be one of the most-used platforms around at the moment. So much so that even Apple had to concede that Google Maps did a better job than Apple Maps when it was launched, going as far as recommending that users use it while the company fixed its issues.

Google Maps Can Now List The Right EV Charging Stations For Your Car
One of the problems with electric cars is that they need to be charged, and unlike gas stations, EV charging stations still aren’t quite as ubiquitous just yet. To make matters worse, there still doesn’t seem to be a standard connector, meaning that depending on the car you drive, you may or may not be able to find an EV that supports it.

Upcoming Google Maps Feature Could Highlight Brightly Lit Streets
When it’s late at night and you’re walking home, it’s generally a good idea to keep to areas where it is brightly lit, as opposed to maybe trying to take a shortcut that might involve you walking down some dark and sketchy roads. However, what if you’re unfamiliar to the area? How do you know which roads to take?