Hmmm, SSDs these days tend to follow cars where warranties are concerned – we’re looking at a good 5 years here with Plextor’s latest release, their 2.5″ SSD known as the Plextor M3S. This particular model will most probably appeal to those who are looking to purchase a new SSD, but cannot really make up their mind as to which model to bring home – although they do not want to break the bank while they’re at it. Apart from that, the M3S will offer SATA III connectivity and a Marvell controller that is said to deliver speeds of up to 525MB/s and 445MB/s for sequential reads and writes, and 70,000 and 65,000 IOPS where random reads and writes are concerned.

Pricing-wise, I think your pockets are going to be well pleased as well – it seems that the smallest capacity of them all, the 128GB model will retail for a mere $200 at the end of November onwards, while doubling that amount will see you part ways with $350 for it, and for those who can afford both time and money to wait for early next year, the 512GB model can be yours for $700. Regardless of which capacity you bring home, all of them will come with a 5-year limited warranty.

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