vscreens.comIf you have an Android phone and you’re looking for a way to share images and videos on your friend’s TV or tablet, but you forgot to bring the USB/HDMI cable with you, have no fear. Sony Ericsson has a solution in the form of an app and a website called vscreens.com. This simple, easy to use service allows anybody with an Android phone share content from their phone on any internet-connected display (i.e. smart TV, tablet) without the need for cables, bluetooth pairing, DLNA or SMB servers.

All users have to do is visit vscreens.com on the display, then load the app on their Android phone, scan the QR code on screen with the app, and start sharing. It’s that simple! I gave it a shot with my computer’s own monitor and my phone, and I gotta say the results were pretty impressive. It’s really such a simple set up to do, and the images and videos looked pretty good. If you’re in need for a sharing solution and vscreens.com fits the bill, give it a spin and let us know what you think. After all, it’s free on the Android Market.

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