Granted, HP’s TouchPad was certainly one of the shortest lived products ever to hit the market, getting pulled so close after its release date, and creating quite a furore in the process. Well, we do know that the TouchPad ran on webOS 3.0, but it seems that webOS 3.0.5 does shed some clues towards a more integrated Twitter experience and of course, as with any other self-respecting software update would deliver, better performance on your TouchPad.

Developers for the TouchPad have already begun to tweet using this particular thing known as ‘webOS Synergy’ – as to what Synergy is all about, could it be an integrated version of Twitter into the webOS ecosystem? Perhaps, but no matter how many more webOS versions are rolled out in the future with all the new features, the TouchPad is never going to make it back to the mass market. Sad but true, no?

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