lg-webos-interface-05Operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone, OS X, and Linux might be familiar to many of you guys, but let’s not forget that at one time HP tried to make webOS popular by launching tablets powered by it. Safe to say their efforts did not take but webOS has continued to live on and is used mostly by LG.

That being said, it seems that LG has made some improvements to the operating system because according to a recent announcement, they will be debuting webOS 3.0 at CES 2016. For those unfamiliar, webOS has been used by LG for a couple of years now where it has mostly powered the company’s smart TV devices.

With the update to webOS 3.0, LG will be introducing several new features, such as Magic Zoom, Magic Mobile Connection, and an upgraded Magic Remote. According to LG, “Magic Zoom enables users to magnify objects and letters without any degradation in picture quality. And with Magic Mobile Connection, users can easily connect a mobile phone to their LG SMART TV via the LG TV Plus App on their mobile device to access mobile apps on the TV screen.”

As for the Magic Remote, LG will be added more buttons to increase its functionality. Apart from these features, there will also be other features that LG has introduced in webOS 3.0 so if you’d like to learn more, do check back with us during CES 2016 for the details.

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