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LG Releases webOS Open Source Edition To Drive Platform Adoption
You may not remember much about webOS anymore but LG has been tinkering with the platform for a few years now. Its smart TVs, smart refrigerators, and other similar products are powered by this platform that it acquired the rights to from HP in 2013. LG now believes that this platform is ready to move beyond TVs which is why it has announced the launch of the webOS Open Source […]

LG's Latest Fridge Features Alexa And webOS
LG Smart InstaView refrigerator can listen and respond to voice commands as it features Amazon’s Alexa personal digital assistant. It also runs on LG’s own webOS smart platform. This is a direct competitor to Samsung’s Family Hub 2.0 refrigerator which features Samsung’s own voice recognition technology.LG’s new refrigerator has a 29 inch touch LCD display which instantly turns transparent with just two knocks of the screen. This is the InstaView […]

LG To Debut New Version Of webOS At CES 2016
Operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone, OS X, and Linux might be familiar to many of you guys, but let’s not forget that at one time HP tried to make webOS popular by launching tablets powered by it. Safe to say their efforts did not take but webOS has continued to live on and is used mostly by LG.That being said, it seems that LG has made some […]

LG webOS Smartwatch Release Reportedly Set For 2016
LG is rumored to be working on a smartwatch powered by webOS, the platform that didn’t quite take off on smartphones and tablets, and was later picked up by LG for its smart TVs. Apparently the Korean company plans on using it for wearable devices as well. A new report published today claims that LG is looking to launch its webOS powered smartwatch in early 2016.


LG’s webOS Smart TV Platform Gets New Content Partners
[CES 2015] Just like smartphones, there isn’t much point of having a smart TV if there isn’t much content going to be available on it. You might as well get a regular TV and subscribe to cable/satellite television instead. Now LG has recently announced that they are making a huge push with 4K TVs by unveiling seven such devices at CES 2015.

WebOS Tablet Runs Latest Android Version
We have learned that HP’s long-discontinued webOS tablet, known as the HP TouchPad, has found a new lease of life by running on the Android mobile operating system. The HP TouchPad itself was launched all the way back in 2011, where it was subsequently discontinued just a couple of months after launch, citing disappointing sales figures as the reason behind that. In order to get rid of their remaining inventory, […]

LG Could Be Working On webOS Smartwatch
When it comes to smartwatches, Google has Android Wear which is a version of Android developed for wearables. Heck, even the Apple Watch appears to be running a modified version of iOS. Now as far as other platforms are concerned, Tizen is another player in the market and can be found in the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Gear 2.While LG has released Android Wear devices like the G Watch and […]

webOS Ports Renamed To LuneOS, Will Focus On Nexus 4 And HP TouchPad
For a while it did seem like webOS did have the potential to become the next big smartphone platform, but we guess it looks like iOS and Android managed to beat them to the punch. HP had attempted to release some webOS devices and tablets but ultimately fell flat on its face, but the good news is that webOS continues to live on.That being said, a recent post by webOS […]

LG Promises Upgraded WebOS For All 2015 Smart TVs
Life has been nothing short of a rollercoaster for WebOS. Last year it was acquired from HP by LG and the Korean giant made its intention of using the software in its smart TVs public. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show back in January we did see LG smart TVs powered by WebOS. The company is now detailing its plans for the future. It says that a major upgrade for […]

LG Reveals SDK For LG Smart+ TV Apps
Just like how a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so too, is a Smart TV as “smart” as the apps that run on it. You can have all of the hardware capability available, but if it is unable to be accompanied by the relevant apps to keep it going or to maximize its potential, then it is all for naught. LG has then taken the step […]

LG Smart+ TVs: One Million Sold And Counting
According to the good people over at LG Electronics, the South Korean company has sold more than a million units of the webOS-enabled Smart+ TVs ever since the range was launched earlier this March, which is quite an achievement when you think about it considering not everyone has the means to upgrade their TV after having done so recently. In fact, LG hopes to be able to breach the 10 […]

UK Retailer John Lewis Announces Their Lineup Of Smart TVs
Nowadays we’re starting to see retailers starting to offer up their own brand of electronics. Brands like Tesco have launched their own tablets and have recently announced plans for their own brand of smartphones as well, which is why we can’t say we’re too surprised to learn that UK departmental store, John Lewis, has recently announced their own brand of Smart TVs.The company has recently announced their JL9000 series of […]

'Cards' Interface Rumored For LG WebOS TV
LG purchased webOS when smartphones and tablets powered by it didn’t achieve much commercial success. HP even launched a fire sale of its webOS tablet just to get rid of the inventory that would have otherwise gathered dust in warehouses. The Korean manufacturer has confirmed that it is going to unveil a webOS powered gadget very soon. LG is going to unveil its webOS smart TV at the Consumer Electronics […]

HP Smartphones Rumored To Be Making A Return
HP didn’t have much luck with its smartphones and tablets, particularly the ones it released that were powered by webOS. After that project was shelved, the company didn’t say when it would return to the smartphone game. There have been multiple reports in the past claiming that HP will make a return to the smartphone market, but no one is sure exactly when. A latest report by The Information claims that […]

LG WebOS TV Will Be Unveiled At CES 2014
WebOS couldn’t make its mark on tablets and smartphones when Palm and HP both tried their best, perhaps it might fare well on TVs. After being on a long hiatus, and being picked up by LG, a new webOS product is on the horizon. LG has confirmed that its very first product running this OS is a TV, which is going to be unveiled next month at the Consumer Electronics […]

HP Blasts Rumors That It Is Making A Smartphone
It was first rumored a few days ago that HP was going to make an entry into the smartphone market once again. The company has kept itself out ever since its webOS powered devices weren’t able to gain any traction. HP was rumored to be making a Windows Phone powered smartphone, but now the company has issued a firm denial. A PR representative for HP said that the story is […]

webOS Like Fate Predicted For Windows RT
Windows RT will reportedly suffer a fate similar to webOS, because according to its upstream supply sources many brand vendors have stopped developing products based on this platform.

LG webOS-Powered TVs Expected In Early 2014
LG announced earlier this week it acquired webOS from HP to be used in its brand of Smart TVs, although they didn’t a timeframe on when exactly consumers could expect to see webOS-powered Smart TVs.According to The Verge’s sources, and loosely confirmed by LG VP of communications John Taylor, we can expect LG Smart TVs to run on webOS starting in early 2014, with a launch possibly expected at CES.

LG Acquires webOS From HP For Use In Smart TVs
[MWC 2013] LG has been looking into using webOS on its brand of Smart TVs since this past October, and it looks like the company likes what it saw as it’s announcing it is acquiring the platform to be used in its Smart TVs.LG acquiring webOS from HP means they’ll obtain the source code for the OS, its related documents, engineering talent and all websites related to webOS. LG will also […]

Google Nexus 7 Runs webOS Smoothly
What you see above is definitely very different and removed from everyday reality. In fact, we are talking about the Google Nexus 7 which obviously, being a Google product, will run on the Android mobile operating system and nothing else. Well, the folks over at WebOS Ports have been rather naughty, porting over webOS to the Google Nexus 7. This is definitely not the first Android-powered device to receive the […]