For those who have used Google’s Chrome browser for quite some time already, surely moving from one computer to another is a handicap, especially when your favorite bookmarks, apps, extensions as well as history list are stored on your primary device. If only you could carry those settings with you regardless of the device you use, you thought to yourself. Well, that is now possible as signing in to Chrome will enable you to bring your Chrome settings wherever you go – letting you always enjoy a personal Chrome user experience.

Whenever you are signed in to Chrome, should you alter something on a single device, it will instantly change that particular setting or scenario on all of the other devices. Take for example, adding a bookmark on your notebook – it will also automatically appear on your desktop, letting you continue where you left off without missing a beat. This is also a useful feature to take advantage of if you have a single computer only, simply because all of your Chrome settings and data are stashed away online, on a cloud somewhere. Don’t quite know where to sign in? Just head to the Wrench menu and select “Sign in to Chrome.”, and you’re good to go.

To make sure that there is no mix up with other people using the same computer, you can opt to add in new users to Chrome, so that individual users on the same computer will be able to enjoy their personal Chrome experience, now how about that?

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