It has been a year since Microsoft launched the Windows 10 Timeline feature. It enabled users to sync browsing and app history between their Windows 10, Android, and iOS devices. The browsing history sync was limited to Microsoft’s Edge browser but the company has finally released an official Chrome extension to extend this functionality over to Google’s popular web browser as well.

The Web Activities extension will sync and show the Chrome browsing history across Windows 10 devices. This will enable users to rely on the integrated Timeline viewer to basically pick up where they left off on another Windows 10 device.

It’s not like you couldn’t already sync browsing history between Chrome sessions. Google’s browser already allows you to do that in addition to viewing tabs on other devices. The advantage with this extension is that you can use the Windows 10 Timeline viewer so that it’s accessible right from the Task View.

Some might not be too happy to know that using this feature means that they will have to send a copy of their browsing history to Microsoft’s servers but there’s really no other way to get the benefit that it offers. It remains to be seen when Microsoft is going to launch a similar extension for Firefox so that those users can also take advantage of the Timeline functionality for their preferred browser.

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