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Google Chrome To Get A Reader Mode On Desktop
Many browsers offer a reader mode which strips away the necessary background elements in a webpage so that the actual text is easier to read. It can prove to be particularly useful with long-form articles that have a lot of text. Google has been working on a reader mode for the desktop version of its popular Chrome web browser.

New Chrome Extension Allows Browsing Resumption Across Windows 10 Devices
It has been a year since Microsoft launched the Windows 10 Timeline feature. It enabled users to sync browsing and app history between their Windows 10, Android, and iOS devices. The browsing history sync was limited to Microsoft’s Edge browser but the company has finally released an official Chrome extension to extend this functionality over to Google’s popular web browser as well.

Chrome Loophole Which Enables Incognito Mode Blocking To Be Fixed
A loophole in Google’s popular Chrome browser which enables websites to not only detect but block users who access their sites through the browser’s Incognito mode is going to be fixed. Many users rely on the mode to not store local records of their browsing history. Websites are also prevented from tracking the user with cookies when they’re in Incognito mode.

Google Chrome Dark Mode Arrives In Canary
The dark mode is a much-loved user interface feature that’s increasingly being adopted by both platforms and apps. Samsung has added a system-wide dark mode with its One UI skin for Android 9 Pie. Apple is said to be working on a dark mode for the next major iOS update as well. Google has been developing this option for its popular Chrome browser as well.


New Google Extension Checks Your Password Security
Password Checkup is a new extension for the Chrome browser from Google itself. The company aims to provide password security to users with this extension. Password Checkup will automatically check whether the users’ passwords have been leaked in a data breach. Once the extension is installed, users’ credentials are double checked against a database of almost four billion usernames and passwords. Users are warned if a match is found.

Google Chrome Might Deal Deathblow To Ad Blocker Extensions
There are quite a few ad blocker extensions available for Google Chrome. They allow you to block all sorts of ads on the sites that you visit. It appears that Google is planning to switch things up a bit for its popular Chrome browser which might render many of these ad blocker extensions useless.

How To Enable Private Browsing On Chrome, Firefox and Edge
Whether you are using a friend’s or your parents’ computer, or you just plainly wish to keep your online tracks secret, private browsing is always a good option – a feature supported by all major web browsers.

Chrome Will Ad-Block Entire Websites Displaying Abusive Ads
Google has been taking steps to counter abusive ads online through updates to Google Chrome. It has revealed today that the next version of its popular browser, Chrome 71, is going to ad-block an entire site if it shows an abusive ad. This means that every ad on such a website will be blocked even if not all of them are abusive.

Google Releases Chrome 70 To Undo Controversial Change
Google is rolling out the latest version of its popular internet browser today. Chrome 70 undos a controversial login change that came with the previous version. Chrome’s latest version is now out for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Some of the controversial changes have been reversed with this version.

How To Enable Click To Play Plugins in Chrome
For the past two years, Google’s Chrome browser no longer supports any click-to-play plugin, except for Adobe Flash Player. Though, even for the latter, users will have to enable it manually.In this tutorial, we are going to be taking a look at how to enable click to play plugins in Google Chrome to make it more convenient when you browse older sites.

Latest Chrome Canary Feature Will Lead To Faster Page Load Times
Google Chrome’s development has been split into multiple channels so that new features can be developed and tested quickly and reliably before it’s decided whether or not they are to be released to the stable version. A new feature being tested in the latest Chrome Canary build is going to lead to significantly faster page load times. A feature commonly known as “lazy loading” is now being tested in Chrome […]

How To Fix Google Chrome Black Screen Issue (Windows 10)
Google Chrome’s black screen varies with your Windows build number or version (Windows 7/8), and the browser version. The black screen is normally encountered by users with older builds of Chrome running on early Windows 10 builds. And, if you bump into it with the latest software installed, you should try the solutions we recommend in this article.

Chrome RAM Usage Has Increased Because Of Spectre Fixes
Google has patched the Spectre CPU vulnerabilities in its Chrome browser but they have resulted in Chrome using more RAM than before. Google has confirmed in a blog post that a feature that protects users against Spectre side-channel attacks results in increased RAM usage. The feature offers protection against attacks that use the speculative execution features of most processors in order to get access to parts of the memory which […]

Chrome 66 Autoplay Changes Partially Rolled Back
Google rolled out Chrome 66 earlier this month and it brought new autoplay blocking functionality to the world’s most popular web browser. The new autoplay rules blocked audio that played on its own as soon as the user opened a website, however, this change broke countless online games and apps that used autoplaying content for legitimate purposes. In response to their complaints, Google has announced that some of those changes […]

Chrome Will Now Learn Your Browsing Preferences Before Muting Sites
Chrome already has the ability to mute auto-playing content but you can either have it on or off. So the feature will either block all auto-playing content or none at all. Google feels that there should be a middle ground which is why the latest version of Google Chrome has the ability to learn your browser preferences before deciding which sites to mute automatically.

Fix For Windows 10 Chrome Freezing Issue Being Developed
Microsoft released the new Windows 10 April 2018 Update a couple of days ago and since then many who installed this update have complained about device freezing and crashing when using Google Chrome. You can imagine that this presents a problem for many users as Google Chrome is the most widely used mobile browser out there. Microsoft has acknowledged the problem and has confirmed that it’s developing a fix for […]

Chrome 66 Released With Autoplaying Content Disabled By Default
Google Chrome is one of the most widely used mobile browsers on the planet and the company continues to add new features to it to ensure that users don’t move to another browser. Google has now rolled out the latest version of its web browser and now it blocks autoplaying content by default.

Google Chrome Will Soon Let You Cast Local Files
Google’s casting functionality works like a charm when you’re casting a webpage, video or even the entire screen to a TV but there has long been one glaring shortcoming. It didn’t allow users to cast local files from the PCs to the TV using the Chrome browser. Google is going to rectify this soon and Chrome will allow you to cast local files in the near future.

Google To Block All Ads on Sites With Most Disruptive Ads
Google has received a lot of feedback from Chrome users who are frustrated with annoying ads. They’re video ads that play at full volume or giant pop-ups with a hidden exit icon. These ads are designed to be disruptive and get in the way of people who just want to use their browser to access the content they want. Google has reiterated that it’s going to automatically block all ads […]

Chrome's Ad Blocker Will Start Functioning From February 15th, 2018
Ads are the primary source of revenue for online publishers. The vast majority of publishers stick to accepted practices that balance their crucial revenue streams against user experience. A handful of publishers rely on annoying and disruptive ads which is why people tend to use ad blockers. The problem with ad blockers is that they block all ads indiscriminately and this hurts legitimate publishers. Google has built an ad blocker […]