If you’re a huge Michael Jackson fan, as obscure as this might be, how would you like to own a piece of the dance floor that he reportedly practiced on in preparation for his tours? Well if that sounds like something you could go on board with, Croft House has launched a new series of speakers that they claim is made out of the wood that the King of Pop himself danced on during his practice sessions.

It seems that you can choose which floorboards you want your speakers made from. Customers are given the option of choosing either the floorboards from Michael Jackson’s old dance studio in Los Angeles or from the floorboards from a Capitol Records studio that the King of Pop frequented.

These speakers range from $130 up to $1,400 and apart from the novel/historic value of the materials that these speakers are made out of, we can’t really speak for the audio quality. The speakers are somewhat customizable and you will be given the option of having a Bluetooth receiver installed if you so desired, thus allowing you to pair your music devices with the speakers sans the ugly cables.

If you’re interested in checking these speakers out for yourself and perhaps attempting to authenticate their claims, Croft House has a showroom located near West Hollywood in Los Angeles, but if you think that their claims are for real and you don’t mind taking a chance, you can place your order online via their website.

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