Google logoGoogle has definitely come a long way since its early days of primarily being just a search engine and now it looks like it’s about to expand its horizons even more. Google was recently challenged by Amazon when it released its own Android tablet, the Kindle Fire, which was devoid of anything Google (besides the operating system). Now, there some rumors brewing about Google taking the challenge over to Amazon’s home turf by introducing its own product delivery service.

According to the rumors, Google will be offering an affordable and convenient shipping service that will let customers buy products and have them delivered the next day. This service sounds very similar to Amazon Prime which gives subscribers unlimited free two day shipping on products for an annual fee of $79. Google is reportedly in talks with online divisions of Macy’s Gap, Office Max and other retailers.

With Google Wallet making headway in the digital transaction market, this new delivery service could work hand in hand it. Granted, Google isn’t retailing products like Amazon, but who’s to say that the company can’t do that in the future? If these rumors turn out to be true, I wonder what Amazon’s next move will be.

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