One of the great things about Android would be how due to it is open source, modifying and customizing the platform to your needs is a much easier task, especially when manufacturers make their code readily available for you. Now it would appear as though even the games on Android can be modified with Grand Theft Auto 3 being a prime example.


About a week ago, it seems that some developers discovered that it is possible to boost the graphics on Grand Theft Auto 3 for Android. While not such a great idea for older devices, it appears to have made a world of difference for those running on newer, high-end devices like the Samsung Galaxy S2. If that wasn’t enough for you, perhaps you’d like to reskin the cars in the game as well. If you do, there are a couple of threads over at the XDA forums you might want to check out.

For starters there is a thread on how to add new cars, adding new building textures, and another thread where users have contributed and added a variety of mods and files that you might want to take a look at. In the mean time you can check out the video below to see GTA 3 with a mod in action.

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