All you men out there, here is a little exercise in empathy. The Humany pad that you see above will integrated a urine sensor, a suction hose, and a special pocket to make sure you need not make the trip to the toilet too often, at least until the Humany pad is not full yet. This electronic diaper for men will also ensure you can always pee where and when you like without anyone else knowing about it. The Humany pad is the brainchild of Japan’s Unicharm Humancare, where the full name of this unique device is the Robo-Humany Urine Aspiration diaper.

Sporting a pocket that lets you stash your organ away comfortably, the electronic urine sensor will detect whenever you’ve let loose that golden torrent, while a suction tube that is connected to a bedside vacuum with a tank will kick into action – until the pad ends up virtually dry. No idea on whether there will be plenty of noise that happens when the vacuum works its charm, though. The Robo-Humany pad is far better compared to its contemporaries as it is only a tenth the weight of regular adult diapers.

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