Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket WatchWhile retro designs are something that will keep coming back, it’s always interesting to see designers fusing old school concepts with a bit of new school flavor. Such is the case with the Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch from TokyoFlash. It features a classic pocket watch exterior, and basically that’s where all nostalgia ends. Instead of a typical clock face, you’re greeted with a hybrid LCD/LED interface when you pop open its hinged mineral crystal lens cover.


The Kisai Rogue Touch is capable of showing you the current time, time for a secondary time zone, the date and the alarm set. If you’re wondering how it is capable of multiple functions when it only has one button it’s because the clock’s face is a touch screen that makes use of simple gestures to operate. The watch is available in 4 different colors for its LCD – blue, red, green and clear; and each one lights up with a corresponding light color (except clear which is lit up by a blue light). A 13.7″ chain is also given to ensure you don’t accidentally lose this fancy-looking gadget.

The Kisai Rogue Touch pocket watch is available now at a promo price for a limited time ($149) from ToykoFlash, and will cost you $169 after that. Check out a video of it in action:

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