If you are a huge Star Wars fan and you just can’t get enough, and it so happens that you own a Nikon D5100 DSLR, it appears that thanks to the D5100’s firmware being decrypted last month, you can now install a Star Wars-theme firmware update on your camera which is kind of a cool, albeit useless update, but should please the many Star Wars fans out there.

As you can see from the blurry photo above, the firmware update basically changes the names of your menu headers into something more Star Wars-like. For example the Playback menu has been changed to the “Holocron”, the Shooting menu has been renamed to the “Weapon System”, and so on, and so forth. If you’re a fan of Star Wars and you’re looking to get this hacked firmware on your camera, the instructions and list of changes can be found on Flickr or reddit.

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