It’s safe to say that Disney+’s The Mandalorian has been a hit. Of course, it does have the advantage of being set in the Star Wars universe which is beloved by millions around the world, but it has still managed to hold its own. In fact, according to a report from TorrentFreak, The Mandalorian was so popular that it has nabbed the title of being the most pirated TV show of 2020.

As TorrentFreak notes, the “honor” used to belong to HBO’s Game of Thrones series, but given that the series has since come to an end, the title has been passed down to The Mandalorian. The show was actually in third place back in 2019, but it seems that the success of season one has prompted many to start watching it and its second season, which was released a couple of months back and has since concluded as well.

That being said, the fact that it is so heavily pirated doesn’t really come as a surprise. Similar to Game of Thrones, The Mandalorian requires a subscription to a streaming service, which in this case is Disney+. Disney+ is still not available worldwide yet which could have contributed to piracy, as those who would have otherwise subscribed to the service have to find more “creative” means of watching it.

We’re not sure if Disney+ being available worldwide will change things, but either way, it does speak to the overall popularity of the series, especially with the third season pegged for a 2021 release.

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