Panasonic has created quite the icon where robots are concerned with the EVOLTA mascot that represents their range of rechargeable batteries, where this robotic mascot has also completed an Iron Man Triathlon in the process. Well, the old proverb goes, “Make hay while the sun shines”, so it makes perfect sense for a battery recharger set to be sold that comes in the same form factor as that of the EVOLTA robot.

Too bad the physical form factor does not come with any moving parts, and is completely static. I would have thought if you could move the head and arms of this EVOLTA robot, at least it would end up as something that can pose – perhaps in the next generation? Retailing for $50 a pop at Amazon Japan after conversion, it makes perfect sense if Panasonic were to say that this EVOLTA robot battery recharger would work best with Panasonic’s own EVOLTA batteries.

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