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How To Fast-Charge Your iPhone (For Cheap)
If you have an iPhone and would like to speed up the charging process, here’s our guide on how to do it, without breaking the bank.

How To Improve Your Android Phone's Battery life?
What can you do to improve or extend the battery life of your Android phone? There are just so many different suggestions across the web to recommend you the best techniques to improve the battery life of your Android device.However, in this article, we aim to focus on actionable tips that are proven to be helpful. We are pretty sure that you do not want to follow a long list […]

Tesla Patents New Long-Lasting Battery With Reduced Costs
As spotted by Electrek, Tesla seems to have filed a patent that hints at a new longer-lasting battery with better performance and cheaper costs. The patent can be found at Wipo’s patentscope if you are curious about all the technical details. In either case,  let us talk about what’s worth noting here.The patent lists Jeffery Dahn (Tesla’s battery research partner) and his team as the inventors. For the specifics, the […]

Virgin Atlantic Flight Makes Emergency Landing Due To Faulty Battery Fire
A Virgin Atlantic flight from New York to London had to make an emergency landing in Boston after a passenger’s faulty external battery caused a fire. The flight had to be landed in Boston because of this. The crew did extinguish the fire which was suspected to have been caused by the faulty battery charger on the A330 Airbus jet.


How To Use The Android Battery Saver Mode
Battery Saver mode is available on all devices running Android 5.0 and beyond. If your device is running on an older version – and therefore doesn’t come with the particular feature – we also have helpful battery tips that you could follow.

Self-Heating Lithium Ion Battery Developed
It looks like the scientists over at the University of Pennsylvania Electrochemical Engine Center have managed to come up with something interesting – a self-heating lithium ion battery which will be able to improve on cold weather performance in a rather dramatic manner. Just how is this achieved? Well, it makes use of a thin foil that is made of nickel in the first place, where this thin foil will […]

Sony To Offer Better Mobile Batteries That Use Sulfur
Sony has long been a major player in battery technology, you might remember that it was the first to release a commercially feasible Li-ion battery more than two decades ago. The company appears to have faded in the background in this particular arena over the past few years but if new reports to be believed then in the next few years it’s going to make a big comeback. Apparently the […]

MIT Research Points To Potential Battery Breakthrough
With so many mobile devices being used by the masses these days, it would make plenty of sense to ensure that battery technology is well developed in such a way for these mobile devices to last the distance throughout the entire day’s use. Well, it looks like a true blue battery breakthrough is hard to come by, as what we seem to experience would be slow but sure extensions in […]

How To Charge Your Phone Faster
Your phone is your most important asset when you are outside, but only if it is powered On. You never know when you may get a deadline of 30 minutes before going outside for the best night ever, and your phone displays “Low Battery”. Fortunately, and with a little knowledge, you can charge your phone in an optimum way, and get as much juice as possible before heading out.Below is […]

Energizer Recreates London’s Tower Bridge With Batteries
Energizer has come up with something that is certainly a sight to behold – that is, a 2-tonne replica of the world famous Tower Bridge over in London. Of course, the folks over at Energizer have eschewed the “traditional” method of doing things, and that would mean ditching brick and mortar, but rather, they have made use of 83,000 batteries. These are not new batteries, of course, but rather, used […]

Samsung Working On New Batteries
Earlier today, we did hear about how the folks over at LG are working on a new kind of hexagonal battery technology for smartwatches, and this time around, we have received word that Samsung, too, are interested in churning out new batteries for mobile devices. The whole point of these new batteries would be to deliver a far more improved battery life – so much so that Samsung has ambitiously […]

LG Works On New Hexagonal Battery For Smartwatches
If there is one particular issue that modern day mobile devices have to grapple with, it would be that of battery life – there is simply way too many functions that eat into a device’s battery life too soon. Remember the good old days where old school Nokias like the Nokia 3310 was able to last for four, or even five days of regular use? Well, smartwatches might be the […]

‘Smart’ Lithium-ion Battery Forewarns Before Bursting Into Flames  
Smartphones turn out to be pretty lethal when it comes to battery explosions. There have been many cases in the past where battery explosion has caused severe repercussions for the users involved in the incident. Although, not much can be done to avoid such accidents, but a battery that would at least give a subtle warning to users before bordering near to an explosion, could prove to be helpful in […]

What Is Qualcomm Quick Charge + How It (Really) Works
With very slow (but somewhat steady) battery capacity growth in an ever-connected world, it is clear that users are more battery-life conscious than ever before. The next best thing to “more battery capacity” is “faster charging” – ideally you would want both.To that end, several technologies have been created to charge electronic devices faster, and Qualcomm’s quick charge is one of them. Yet, with a multitude of phone makers, accessories […]