Just how well does green fuel or biofuel stack up against the stuff that you pump into your vehicle’s gas tank at the local station? Well, members of the Greenspeed club decided to put their heavily modified Chevy pickup truck to the test at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, where this particular truck has been stripped to its bare basics, running on a ’93 Dodge engine while sipping on vegetable oil in order to challenge the land speed record in that particular category. The result of their efforts? The first run saw this vehicle fly past the benchmark at 139mph, while on its second run, the record was broken yet again with a 155mph mark.

The whole idea of this exercise is to prove that vegetable oil could very well be a viable alternative to conventional gasoline and diesel, and what better way to demonstrate it to the masses than to use something which folks can identify with, instead of using a vehicle that was specially designed to break speed records? The next time you are about to munch on that bowl of salad, you might want to spare a thought as to how your appetizer could very well power the four wheeler sitting outside.

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