The new Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 game on the new portable platform is special in its own way, simply because it enables you to use the PS Vita as an “Ultimate Controller” for the PS3 version. Just what does this mean? Chances are, you will be able to take advantage of the touch controls whenever you fire up the console version, and third party accessory manufacturers such as Hori and Mad Catz will certainly be wondering what is so ‘ultimate’ about that experience, and will probably strive to do better by rolling out their own versions.

Apart from that, the PS Vita version of the game is said to come with “exclusive Gold Herald” color options for the characters, meaning if you were to take all these characters in real life, and melt them down, it might prove to be enough gold reserves to help prop up the country’s economy for a couple more months before we return to printing even more money. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is said to arrive a day after Valentine’s, and will be in line with the PS Vita’s “First Edition” hardware bundle.

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