T3 Motion Power Sport is ready to rock and rollThere are some gizmos that you would have certainly seen before, being used by authorities such as security and military personnel, invoking the green-eyed monster in you as such devices have not been made available to the general public. Well, the stand-up electric three-wheeler from T3 Motion is one such mode of transportation, but all of that is going to change with T3 Motion announcing that they will respond to pent up customer demand by introducing a customer model known as the T3 Power Sport. It will be able to zip you around at a top speed of 12mph, where a full charge will provide you with a range of 40 miles. To make sure you can tell your Power Sport from another, you will be able to choose from different colors, or better yet, make it go through a custom paint job while adding in your own logo options.

The consumer version will boast of hot-swap battery units, letting you charge one up while the other will keep the Power Sport running. You can choose from two lithium polymer battery units, where the first has a 25 mile range between charges, while the other will move you for around 40 miles before requesting for a pit stop at the nearest power outlet.

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