While the US Army has the Dismounted Soldier Training System, the UK’s Ministry of Defense is looking at something similar themselves with the Virtual Battlespace 2 simulated war game that is currently being deployed for front-line soldiers still in Afghanistan.


With many youths and adults these days turning to gaming consoles for their entertainment, the Ministry of Defense seems to think that by creating a simulated war game, it would do a better job of holding the attention of new recruits who might used to playing war games on gaming consoles, such as Modern Warfare and Battlefield.

According to the Ministry of Defense, the game is useful in complimenting traditional training methods, such as putting out fire in an aircraft, what to do if a vehicle in a convoy gets hit by a roadside bomb, and will basically give troops an idea of how tough of an environment they can expect. It’s interesting to see how far our games have come in terms of realism to the point where it can be considered a legitimate training tool by the military.

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