Back in May, the US Army unveiled the Dismounted Soldier Training System, which essentially was a training game that supposedly will help prepare our troops for future combat scenarios to a certain extent. It was basically a game that we, regular civilian folk, will most likely never be able to get our hands on, but that’s not stopping us from admiring the work and graphics that has been put into the game.

Developed by RealTime Immersive Inc., two new trailers have been released showing off the game’s graphics which is being powered by none other than Crytek’s CryEngine 3, the same graphics engine that powered the company’s highly acclaimed Crysis 2, a game which remains one of the more graphic-intensive games out there today for PCs. Anyway we will let these trailers speak for themselves about a game we’ll sadly never get to play, although we suppose there are alternatives (in terms of gameplay) out there in the form of Battlefield and Modern Warfare.

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