[CES 2012] Aigo, the leading digital technology company in China, has what they deem to be a bunch of industry “trump cards” up their proverbial sleeves, comprising a new 3D digital video camera, aigoCloud technology, and the aigoPad. Aigo’s AHD-X30 is the latest 3D video camera from the company, being the first and only video camera of its kind from Aigo. It will play nice with Aigo’s PM5950 glasses-free 3D portable media player (as seen in the image on the right), allowing you to enjoy the world of stereoscopic 3D – at a budget, I would suppose. Not only that, it will also deliver a sense of freedom which traditional cameras “simply cannot offer”, according to Aigo’s words.

As for aigoCloud technology, standard functions such as copying and syncing are also introduced, in addition to special features like sharing and filtering. Other Aigo’s devices like the aigoPad M801 and digital photo frames will also play nice with aigoCloud, letting you copy and synchronize files regardless of format and size, including music, pictures, videos, documents, and other data. Not only that, two aigoPad models, the M803 and M718HD, will also be debuting at CES 2012. The M803 former will feature the ARM Cortex A9 and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, while the M718HD ships with 1080p HD video content support and a HD webcam that is installed at the back. [Press Release]

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