[CES 2012] Modern smartphones might have plenty of bells and whistles, but when it comes to ensuring they have a decent battery life, that is a little bit hard to promise considering the amount of functions and connections a smartphone makes or performs each day. While Mophie might have thought that their Juice Pack Air has the extended battery-and-case market covered, there is nothing like a little bit of competition to get the heart rate going. The Boost Case Hybrid knows that an extra battery would mean additional weight, and not everyone is comfortable with that tradeoff. Hence, this particular peripheral will come in two parts – a case that has multiple colors to choose from, and whenever you need that added battery boost, just snap on the battery pack and you’re good to go. Sure, more parts might mean it getting loose after a few years, but I don’t think you would be using your current iPhone for half a decade, would you? The 1,900mAh Boost Case Hybrid will retail fro $79.99 each.

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