We do know that Casio has delved into the world of tough phones in the past, what with the rugged G’zOne Commando making quite a splash when it was first released (albeit not winning any popularity contests), and here we are with another model – this time falling under the G-Shock line that is normally reserved for its range of tough watches. We did mention briefly in the past that there is the possibility of a “superphone” from Casio in the works, complete with a blurred image, and here we are with a crystal clear representation of that particular device. All the buttons are located on the sides and near the corners, following the the signature design of the G-Shock watches. A thick frame surrounds the display, ensuring it is not damaged or scratched even if it falls on a flat surface.

At the back lies a stylish metal caseback and exposed screws, while Casio has taken the liberty to engrave a bunch of emergency numbers at the back just in case. It is shock-resistant up to 10 feet, pressure-resistant up to a ton, and water-resistant at 1.0 bar – pretty much a walk in the park for your average G-Shock phone. No point talking underwater, but at least you can take a shower with this puppy without missing a beat.

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