Earlier this year during IFA 2018, Casio took the wraps off their new Pro Trek smartwatch. For those who liked what they saw and would not mind getting their hands on it, you might be interested to learn that Casio has since confirmed that the smartwatch is currently set for a release in 2019.

To be more specific, the watch will be available for purchase on the 18th of January, 2019 where it will be priced at $550. Admittedly this is one of the more pricey smartwatches around but it does come with a ton of features, namely MIL-STD 810 certification which means that it is certified durable, low-temperature resistant, and will also be water resistant if a rugged smartwatch is something you might be interested in.

Other unique features found on the Pro Trek that isn’t typically found on other smartwatches is the use of a dual display, where these displays will be layered on top of each other with one being a monochrome display that shows basic information like time and date, while the other colored display will be used for other smartwatch features like maps and so on.

The watch also comes with an Extend Mode that lets users download and save color maps for offline use, along with offline GPS logging so if you’re hiking and want to conserve battery, you can enable this as it will be capable of storing offline GPS data for up to three days.

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